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It amuses me how some people who are not on my Friends List are consumed with me, how I look, how I define myself, etc. Of course I do what I can to protect children. As expected... the epitome of ignorance and ASSumptions about me:

"You said on this webpage that your name is (Hawaiian name) (Haole name). But on another webpage you call yourself (haole name) (haole name). And on another one you’re haolegirl. Are you ashamed of your name “(haole name)”? Why did you drop it on this webpage? Are you ashamed of your haole ancestry? Why do you never glorify it the way you glorify your alleged Hawaiian ancestry?"

Can we say s-t-a-l-k-e-r? And people wonder why I don't post pics of myself here publicly *LOL* If I did I am sure they would stalk me in person. Seriously. S/he must be lurking here in addition to my other websites since they know about "haolegirl." Stalker!

My response as it pertains to my work:

"Oh no… not at all. Some people know me as “(haole name)” while others know me as “(Hawaiian name).” “Haolegirl” is the nickname that my grand uncle gave to me. He called me that as a child because I look really haole and am fair skinned unless I am tanned.

As for "dropping" it from this website... that wasn't the case as I use both names. "(haole name)" and "(hawaiian name)." My brother goes by both his English and Hawaiian names too. I also go by "Sweetie." Some people call me that too.

As for being ashamed of being haole... no. I married a Haole dude too so it has nothing to do with being ashamed. Also I have long blondish hair.

And I don't "glorify" anything as I'm mixed: I'm English, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese. I also have a Chinese name which some people call me."

It amuses me that this person doesn't understand that many Hawaiians are called an English name and a Hawaiian name. That's typical. It also amuses me that I have a HAOLE LAST NAME so I don't see the "ashamed to be Haole part" LOL Plus I'm married to a cool, buff Haole dude. Also... I have long BLONDE hair LOL

What really makes me laugh even more is that I responded to him/her after about 33 days of their inquiry LOL Well it makes me laugh. Hope I made someone else laugh too.

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