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Today Kalani aka maldito wrote about his website, Of course I purposefully purchased the domain which resolves to his website... for him. Well today he wrote:

"Ironically, after not getting a response about "wannabes; cultural appropriators" in one message forum that was sparked from a thread I started entitled "PRIDE" as we try to define what really is it, in the other message forum where the moderator said he was shutting it down, someone (a Samoan guy, not sure if he's also Hawaiian) posted the wannabes link. In a semi-ambiguous post, he pointed out that the guy had too much time on his hands. One person replied agreeing, that the guy had TOO MUCH TIME on his hands. The same exact thing that the moderator had said. I think we can guess what they mean by that, although that's not the issue.

So here in the previous forum I mentioned how much negative backlash I got from the page and I was told that I was "colonized" by the moderator. When I shared that info. with the other group, someone said "talk about calling the kettle black" or however it goes.

That page has caused quite a controversy. Here on LJ, where mostly non-Hawaiians reacted to it, it was more of a "wow!" kinda reaction, very few people reacted negatively to it and their reaction was nothing more than trying to determine what is and isn't the best approach to handle this matter, which is no big deal to me.

It is however, the fact that 'Oiwi, aboriginal Hawaiians reacting to the page negatively that surprises me. Kinda reminds me of the "docile Hawaiian" or the "Hawaiians no make trouble" mentality. That goes back to people who instead of speaking up, they feel it is absolute best to not stir up trouble as they see it in their eyes. It is better to go with the flow, for if you go against it, you will be ridiculed by your own kind. Why is it that everyone (on the mainland in particular) can champion an underdog's cause yet 'Oiwi will not address the issue, but rather look at the person questioning the motives of the controversy in such a negative way? This also could go back to what one person said about now look at who's calling the kettle black.

Although the controvery is nothing but that, it has done what I intended and whom I said I was doing it for. And that is, an issue to be brought up, discussed, whether negatively or positively, the issue is being discussed and not being swept under the rug and ignored like it has been. So now, maybe people will think twice about using Hawaiian religous objects or dressing a particular way because of the wannabe page and the mention of these things or of other cultural appropriation that was done in order to emulate this Hawaiian persona on non-Hawaiians. Of course I use the term as an ethnic term here, which is different from the national term, another issue which is why I don't advertise that link anymore. Yet people find it. And the issue brings awareness to a lot of people, even those who never gave it any thought.

That same guy who posted the link said that although they understood it to be an ethnic term too, they wouldn't go that far. Huh? How far are we talking? Are there rules here that we need to follow? And if so, what are they? That would be like people who told me that I should've taken a different approach. And which approach would that be really? And how effective would that be? And most importantly, how can you guarantee that it would be the most effective, and to whom exactly?

Fact is, it is now a topic and it is being discussed! Plain and simple! The message is out there, that wannabes exist, portraying themselves as something that they're not because they probably are caught up with the romantacism and exotification of the culture. In their eyes, that's a means of gaining attention, notoriety. Is that okay? To some, probably, to others no. Should it be continued? All of these questions have come out of this wannabe page. It has done nothing but make for a good discussion, so something definitely POSITIVE is coming out of that, whether people see that or not. Better to have that issue out than in the dark. I see nothing wrong with wanting an issue out there, but to do so, one needs to do the MOVING and SHAKING. It won't happen on its own. Complacency gets you nowhere!

I like his attitude and that is why he is on my good side hehe Of course I know that some people will think that I slept with Kalani. It's physically impossible as he is mahu (i.e. homosexual etc) and I am not his type and vice versa. Just saying lol

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