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Alu Like

Someone from Alu Like spied lurked at my Livejournal today. From their website:

"ALU LIKE, Inc. is a private, non-profit service organization that has assisted Native Hawaiians in their efforts to achieve social and economic self-sufficiency since 1975."


The U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Office of Human Development Services have funded ALU LIKE, Inc., through the ANA (the Administration for Native Americans), since 1976. ALU LIKE, Inc. received additional funds as grantees under the Job Training, Partnership Act from the U.S. Department of Labor through the Division of Indian and Native Americans Programs (DINAP) in 1978.

ALU LIKE, Inc. continues to receive federal funding and has expanded its funding base to include State purchase of service contacts, county and private foundation grants, and individual donations to continue the expansion of service to Native Hawaiians."

They make it sound as though they have helped Hawaiians. If they did the majority of Hawaiian men would not be in OCCC. If they did Hawaiians would not
comprise approximately 38.7% of the homeless population in Hawai'i which outnumber other ethnic groups: see page 24 at

They have NEVER helped me nor my family. We are not the only Hawaiians who they have not helped. In any case I will write about them too. There is nothing like shame to make people react and do something like help Hawaiians like how they CLAIM to do. Me? I no need help since I "own" three properties and two vehicles. I did it without assistance from Alu Like and without assistance from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. However there are thousands of other Hawaiians who live below the poverty line who are not being helped which affects Hawaiian children which REALLY bothers me. Therefore they can be assured that I will write about them til they help Hawaiians like how they claim to do. However I know that they like to puff themselves out to make it seem as though they help Hawaiians... but they do not. If one Hawaiian is not helped then that is one too many. Therefore I will write about them til they help more Hawaiians even if it's using Livejournal which makes me laugh because their budget is in the millions while mine is about $125 LOL

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