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For my family and friends ™

Hawaiian book wins award

In today's paper they described an article, "Native Hawaiian kids' book awarded Kamakau Trophy." I'm happy for the author. However "Native Hawaiian" is redundant as "Hawaiians" are native to Hawaii. I don't like the title of the article. They should have just titled it "Hawaiian kids' book awarded Kamakau Trophy." Of course I will write to the editor again to tell him that it's redundant in English to state "Native Hawaiian" LOL Or if they prefer they could have used, "Oiwi kids' book awarded Kamakau Trophy" hehe:

Hawaiian charter school student Joshua Kaiponohea Stender wrote "The Fish and Their Gifts," named the overall Book of the Year in the 2005 Ka Palapala Po'okela book awards. His fellow students also won the top illustrator's award for the bilingual children's book.

Rest of the story is here

Tags: hawaiian book, joshua kaiponohea stender, the fish and their gifts
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