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I really like this letter because I can understand the writer since I grew up in a poor family and if it wasn't for the Kamehameha Schools I would be on welfare. This of course would result in American taxpayers feeding me, housing me, and clothing me. Do people understand this? That education is key. Anyway I like this letter:


"I'm a 1990 Kamehameha Schools graduate; going to Kamehameha was perhaps the most positive opportunity in my life. It turned me from an extremely shy intellectual from a blue-collar family into a confident young man. I've since done and seen things that I never would have thought possible had I not gone to Kamehameha.

The recent ruling of Judges Jay Bybee and Robert Beezer in Doe v. Kamehameha Schools puts a bad taste in the mouth. Kamehameha is a private institution that takes no federal or state money and was founded in good faith with private funds. The fact that there are no sovereign lands for people of Hawaiian descent makes the Kamehameha Schools that much more necessary as the one and only possible source of reparations for the centuries of injustice wreaked upon the natives.

I'm curious as to the motives or reasoning of Judges Bybee and Beezer since I see neither logical justification nor precedent for this judgment. Could The Advertiser please urge the judges to explain themselves to the people of Hawai'i, to whom they owe an explanation?

Chad Kukahiko
Los Angeles"

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Also it goes to show people that it is up to US not up to the Kamehameha Schools trustees to protect Hawaiian children because it is obvious that they are not protecting Hawaiian children. That is... they are only protecting their wallets. It's sad but true and that is why more Hawaiians need to take the initiative instead of leaving it up to the so-called "leaders." They have not done much for the last 110 years or so. They've had their turn. It is time to take over and do something about it. No be shame. I'm certainly not.

Of course some people forget that they will have children and perhaps grandchildren if not already. Inaction today will affect these children in the future. Just saying.

Being fortunate financially, educationally, and socially does not preclude me from any of this. That is, I am part of which I "speak" and I expect other Hawaiians to help other Hawaiians. Anything less is unacceptable though I must admit that very few Hawaiians helped me. In fact I don't remember many Hawaiians reaching out to help me when I was a child. Just a few did. Still... I don't take it out on other Hawaiians. I will not make the innocent pay for what the guilty have done. Just saying.

Anyway it bothers me that I cannot call someone when I want to (due to security stuff.) Boohoohoo. I'm gonna cry about it now.

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