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On Hawaiians Getting Arrested When Trying to Stop Thieves

"On Sept. 4, 1978, 60 people, including 51 native Hawaiians and nine news reporters and cameramen, were arrested during a protest which briefly shut down Hilo Airport."

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Some Hawaiians protested at the Hilo Airport in 1978 when they illegally built the Hilo Airport on Hawaiian land. Very few people know this and/or remember this. Some of course do not care but like Dr REV MLK JR once said... injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

Anyway recently four Hawaiians were arrested for "trespassing" near the end of the runway on Maui:

Four arrested for trespassing near end of runway

SPRECKELSVILLE – Four people were arrested over the weekend for allegedly trespassing on state land at the end of Stable Road near Kahului Airport, police said.

Concrete barriers had been removed to gain access to the oceanfront land, which belongs to the state Department of Transportation Airports Division, police said.

The arrests were made without incident around 8 a.m. Saturday, police said, after warnings had previously been issued to people illegally camping on the land.

Police said some no-trespassing signs had been removed and “Kingdom of Hawaii” signs put up on the land.

Arrested were James K. Akahi, 64; Karen A. Mayfield, 51; and Beau Barcelona, 62; all who gave no local address, and Robert E. Roggasch, 66, of Paia. They were released after each posting $100 bail for the charge of second-degree criminal trespassing.

Mayfield had been cited last year after she was found living in a lava tube in the state Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve in Makena. She had been charged with illegal camping, disturbing a geological feature and littering after state enforcement officers discovered a canopy bed, shelves, carpeting, plants and other belongings in the lava tube near a hiking trail on the mauka side of Makena Road.

The case against her was dismissed last month.

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It's a great thing that some people are protesting since the land does not belong to the state of Hawaii. It "belongs" to Hawaiians.

Ku E: Stand differently. Think differently.

No be shame cuz I not shame (LOL)

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