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Another Hawaiian Speaks

I love it when Hawaiians speak up even though some times I disagree with what they have to say. Every one has a voice. Unfortunately what I have noticed is that MANY Hawaiians try to discourage other Hawaiians from speaking up which in turn teaches Hawaiian children that they should not speak up which is UNCOOL. That is one of the problems that I have with a few Hawaiians.

Another one is that some Hawaiians who have degrees (and while I do have degrees) I do NOT appreciate how these Hawaiians stress the importance of degrees as it pertains to how valuable their opinion is. Excuse me... but I value what my kupuna have taught me so of course it annoys me when these Hawaiians ask me what my degrees are in because it is the Haole Way and while I am part Haole too... it's disrespectful to our kupuna to ask me about my college education. I no care! But as expected... a few DO ask me which only shows that their mind is colonized. Just saying.

Anyway in today's paper I was surprised to read this letter from who seems to be a Hawaiian lady. What she has to "say" is pretty cool:


"The collision between Hawaiian and Western culture began when a white man claimed to have "discovered" Hawai'i. This imperialistic attitude resulted in the unbridled spread of western diseases that decimated our people; the imposition of adverse possession and quiet title to steal our land; and the overthrow of a legitimate Hawaiian nation.

This attitude is pervasive today. For those who perpetuate such colonialist rantings, take your intergenerational ignorance and get over it.

This is not an issue of the past; it is now. The illegal overthrow resulted in taking of ceded lands that belonged to the Kingdom of Hawai'i. These lands are being used by state and federal entities without adequate compensation to Hawaiians.

You call us racist for using the term "haole." Like any term that denotes race, it is not the use of the word that makes it racist; it is how you use it. Don't tell us what words to use. Pau already.

For the developers who, in public, pretend to be our friend, we know what you, your team of lawyers and sellout political friends scheme in private.

A substandard archeological survey is more than a "misspelled word." These surveys have been the sword used to sever our history. You will not bulldoze the last remnants of our cultural connectivity by pretending our ancestors do not exist.

So hang your Western attitude on the coat rack as you enter our Islands. We are more than skinny hula girls and Don Ho lookalikes happily strumming our 'ukulele. We are an indigenous people whose ancestors were here long before you and your relatives came to our pristine shores. If you don't want to hang up your coat, then catch the next boat out.

If you choose to stay, come out of your gated enclosures. Look at us. Hear our voices. We are Hawaiian.

Maile Lu'uwai
Pa'ia, Maui"

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While I agree with her... some Hawaiians also have to leave their Western attitudes behind too. Just saying. Many Hawaiians are colonized and continue to act it. For example, when writing the Hawaiian language they use okina and kahako which I have a problem with since missionaries incorporated that so when Hawaiians DO use them it is evidence that they are colonized. That is why I have stopped using kahako and okina when I write Hawaiian so it's not to say that I am not one of these Hawaiians. Another example is some Hawaiians stressing the value of a Hawaiian's opinion based on their college degrees. No... I no care what degree someone has even if I have degrees. I know MANY people who know a lot mainly because they are avid readers and they do not have a high school diploma. Anyway it works both ways.

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