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As expected someone has misinterpreted my words. I have NOT retracted my opinion. I don't know what gave them that impression. This is what I told said person after they mistakenly thought that I retracted my statements:

"To clarify... I am NOT retracting my statements. I don't know what gave you the impression that I am. The only things that I have done is discuss and explain but my opinions have not changed.

Also I never asked for a response nor for suggestions nor for you or anyone else to "solve" my problems. I will say and/or write whatever I want to write. I don't know what gave you [sic] the impression that I am looking for people to teach me anything. Again... my opinion of Billy Campbell remains unchanged."

Read it and remember.

I AM NOT ASKING FOR ANYONE TO "SOLVE" MY "PROBLEM." This is how it works... I tell and/or say what I have to say. Then as usual a man tries to "solve" what he perceives as a "problem." I expect that. Fully. Heehee

In other words... my opinion remains unchanged so don't bother trying to lecture me. I will not listen. Of course some people can try to change my mind but I wouldn't hold their breath if I were them lol

An example of this was at the Kamehameha Schools. I think I wrote about this before. Well one of the advisors told me that I should not consider attending the University of Washington and instead consider attending a community college in Hawaii. His reason? Because my family was poor. Yes my family was poor living below the poverty line but did I listen to him? NO. I found a way to attend then eventually graduate from the University of Washington. I was the FIRST one in my family to have graduated from college. Yay! Obviously... I do not listen to other people.

Also since this person's tone seemed nasty I will NOT be editing ANYTHING. In other words... NO ONE tells me what to say and/or what to write. NO ONE tells ME what to do. NO ONE. Unless of course I give my consent. (Refer to the Kingdom Constitution and the US Constitution for said rights.)

That is... NO ONE will censor me including but not limited to other Hawaiians. Then again some Hawaiians (and there are a few) are now acting like colonizers... trying to colonize my rights in both nations. Homey don't play dat.

In any case, one of Kalani's icons says it all:

That is... ONI PA A. Stand firm... fight for what you believe in... even if and when some people cast the first stone and throw said stone at you.

Of course... this does not and will not surprise my great great maternal grandmother who signed the Ku e Anti-Annexation Petition nor will it surprise my maternal grandmother. She used to call me PO O PA A KI KI. Know what it means? It means or it can mean "stone head" or "rock head" or... "stubborn" *LOL*

Anyway some people have to get used to women having opinions about people, places, and things. If they cannot accept that then tough!

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