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On defending her disrespect for Hawaiians: Tammy Conard-Salvo and

Kalani wrote about this website:

I never wrote to this girl who seems very egotistical and arrogant. Unfortunately that seems to be common with some mixed Asians.

It turns out that Tammy Conard-Salvo is a Writing Lab Assistant Director at Purdue University.

She states:

"Recently, however, I received some very surprising email from several people in Hawaii who challenged my usage and definition of the word “hapa.” Their emails challenged my own adoption of the term to describe my own identity, telling me that not only had I misappropriated the term, I was not a hapa at all."

It's not "adoption." Adoption is mutual with two parties. In this case... it's not mutual. I love it how some mixed Asians try to substantiate their misappropriation of the Hawaiian word "hapa."

"Yet it still seems strange that they would object to my usage of the word and claim that they’ve never heard of my definition, when Kip Fulbeck and Hapa Issues Forum and Mavin are all just a few examples of groups embracing hapa as a term for biracial and multiracial Asian-Americans."

No. They are other examples of other egotistical, arrogant mixed Asians who feel as though they are entitled to take part or parts of another culture and claim it as their own and/or claim it for themselves. Fortunately not all mixed Asians are like this.

"These Hawaiian groups want to reclaim what was originally a Hawaiian word and keep it in its purest form."

I have no idea how she developed this conclusion considering that most Hawaiians are of mixed ethnicities so of course we are evidence/proof of how we as Hawaiians as we as people have evolved. However that does not give other people the right to take what does not belong to them. My theory of course if that many Asians married White people in order to marry "up." In return their attitudes were turned "up" as well. That is, their nose turned up to native Americans, their culture, and/or their language (i.e. Hawaiians.) Further they like their white parent feel entitled to take what does not belong to them. When confronted they try to substantiate their actions. Fortunately many Hawaiians including myself do not allow them to take what does not belong to them.

"Does this mean that these Hawaiian groups do not have a legitimate claim to the word hapa or that anyone, myself included, can simply use the word willy-nilly because it’s a neat way to describe one’s ethnic and cultural identity? I do think that these groups have a point, and their goal to educate others about the origins of the word is a noble and valuable one. Nevertheless, I don’t believe that I am simply adopting a trendy word because I cannot find or create a better way to describe myself."

There are other words that they can use so to me this is an excuse. For example, Amerasian. Unfortunately the children of American soldiers do not like to be associated with being a child of a soldier and a foreign bride. To some it's similar to saying, "I'm a child of a whore" or whatever they think that "Amerasian" implies. Instead they like to be associated with Hawai'i. Ooh. Hawai'i is so exotic therefore if I use a Hawaiian word to describe myself I am exotic too. Not! It only shows how disrespectful they are to native Americans specifically to Hawaiians.

"However, if people are really concerned about what’s pure and who owns what, here is my response: give me back my kimchi. Kimchi, a “pure” Korean food, is now part of Hawaiian cuisine, a regular menu item at local restaurants, an option on various plate lunch combinations. If you demand that I give you back the word hapa, give me back my kimchi."

What is she talking about? LOL Seriously... Hawaiian food is ake, aku palu, and poi just to name a few:


Aku palu:

Ake, aku palu, and poi:

This is HAWAIIAN CUISINE... not plate lunches which shows her ignorance of our culture. Also do we say use "kim chi" or "kim chee" to define who we are. No. Basic logic problem here.

"I think knowing the origins of the word makes its usage that much more powerful for individuals like me, especially because many of us are in one way or another byproducts of American colonialism and expansion. Using a word that evolved because of a colonialist experience seems fitting, so perhaps it isn’t a misappropriation at all. Of course, the Hawaiians will disagree, and I wish them well in their quest to reclaim all that is theirs and theirs alone."

No... it makes the colonized a colonizer. Unfortunately many people today lack compassion. In this case... compassion for Hawaiians. Or... compassion for other cultures. At the very least.

She ends with

"While the emails I received at first rattled me, I feel less insecure now and more ready to face new and different challenges of being a hapa, a half-Korean, a multiracial and multicultural woman."

Oh yes... it's ALL about HER isn't it? Thus showing her egotistical, self-centric, arrogant true colors. However "hapa" is a gift from our ancestors. Unfortunately some people like to take our gift without asking. That is... they take, take, take. They are very greedy indeed.

Anyway I have to add this to when I get back to HomeHome.

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