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Well said about Hawaiians... about humans really in this country

First, read the Akaka Bill here: and here:

I am amazed that some people use it as a tool to hate Hawaiians. Geez! A few of them even have the AUDACITY to tell me that I'm not Hawaiian because I am mixed and their paradigm is that of blood quantum. Hawaiians' paradigm is not one of blood quantum. That is I am Hawaiian irrelevant of what people think, say, and/or do. And as a Hawaiian I do not want it (the Akaka Bill.) Not on the grounds that other people and/or entities are using. I just do not want it for personal reasons. One of them is that we are already protected by the U.S. Constitution. We do not need the Akaka Bill. Here is an excellent letter that calls for the Hawaiian people to decide their destiny. I definitely agree with that as I wouldn't want to decide the destiny of blacks. (This is only an example since I am Asian, Latina, Polynesian, and White.) It's just uncool to dictate to people in this country. Of course I love this country (as well as the Kingdom of Hawai'i) to the point that it annoys some people. Anyway here is the letter that I like:


In regard to the article "Feds still object to Akaka bill," Sept. 22: The U.S. Justice Department knows that in 1898 the Congress of the United States made a grave mistake by attempting to annex Hawai'i by joint resolution 51. They violated their own laws. Hawaiians were not allowed to vote for or against annexation. The U.S. Senate tried two times to pass a treaty of annexation of Hawai'i. Twice it failed.

If they did allow the majority of the citizens of the Kingdom of Hawai'i in 1898 to vote, it would have been an overwhelming no.

Asians, Native Americans, black slaves and Mexicans were being treated like stray dogs during that era and they were not allowed to be citizens of the United States because of the color of their skin.

The Kingdom of Hawai'i was the safest place to be for non-whites. The only way the U.S. government can right the wrong it inflicted on Hawaiians is to let the Hawaiian people decide if they want independent status or be part of the American system.

If Hawaiians are not allowed to vote for the form of governance they prefer then the whole American democratic process is good for nothing.

Eric Po'ohina

Seen at

How do I feel about independence? I would vote to have the Kingdom of Hawai'i recognized by the United States because right now... it's not but I would still retain my American citizenship because no matter how shitty this country can be... I still like it and like the Constitution very very much. However other Hawaiians may feel differently and they are entitled to end their American citizenship. I would not. I would continue dual citizenship but right now the Kingdom of Hawai'i is not recognized by the United States but just because the United States does not recognize it... does not mean that it does not exist. Anyway time to do some things.

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