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The Akaka Bill: See Links Below

I agree with this guy... that the Akaka Bill will be a blow to Hawaiians. Unfortunately senators of this country will pretend as though we are invisible while we protest just like they pretend that others are invisible as they protest. Hawaiians are not unique in that way nor are we special but this only shows people (well some anyway since some people don't care) that if they screw over Hawaiians then they most probably screw other people too. This includes but is not limited to average Americans. You know... white middle class backbreaking taxpaying citizens. Anyway I like this person's letter mainly because the Akaka Bill forbids Hawaiians from taking their case to court. Unfortunately many people did not read the Akaka Bill so they listen to what others have to say about it. ANYWAY here is the letter:


In the Sept. 15 letter "No to Akaka: Apology resolution didn't state the truth," the writer refers to the Morgan report (1894) as the basis for his belief regardless of the facts.

Morgan never set foot on Hawaiian soil prior to his submittal of the "Morgan Report." How can one complete an investigation without being at the scene of the crime? Morgan was vocally pro-annexation; his report definitely had no "objectivity."

James Blount, on the other hand, spent months to complete his investigation. He, like President Cleveland, had nothing to gain by their disclosure of facts.

In a speech to Hawaiian nationals, Morgan stated that the Americans wanted only to secure them "from foreign aggressions" and to protect them from "the Chinese" when the only threat to Hawaiian independence came from the United States itself.

The catastrophe (should the bill pass) will not be for the state of Hawai'i or America as claimed. But it will be one of the final nails to the coffin that contains the inherent sovereignty of the descendants of Hawaiian nationals.

How so? Let me quote from the Law of Nations (1758):

"Proof can be had from the works on the natural law that liberty and independence belong to man by his very nature, and that they cannot be taken from him without his consent ... But the whole body of the Nation, the State, so long as it has not voluntarily submitted to other men or other Nations, remains absolutely free and independent."

Dominic Acain
Kekaha, Kaua'i

Seen at

Links to the Akaka Bill: The Akaka Bill (please read it) Website dedicated to trying to stop the Akaka Bill from passage

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