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Hawaii Newpaper Agency; Senator Daniel Akaka

Hawaii Newpaper Agency:

Wow. Someone from the Hawaii Newspaper Agency read my blog for over 10 minutes. Fourteen minutes and 19 seconds to be exact... using a Macintosh.

Note that my posts about articles as well as pics in their paper are protected by the Fair Use Act

Scope of exclusive rights in pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works

and under the Digital Millenium Act of 1998 Title IV for sound recordings (webcastings.)

More importantly my views are protected by the First Amendment.

I despise what this man is doing. Hawaiian or not. His words and actions

Senator Daniel Akaka:

Seen at

He is all smiles as he allows the U.S. government to define who we are and to tell us that we cannot sue. He will be cursed for selling our kupunas' bones. I know this because my kupuna speak to me. Remember what happened to Attorney Patrick W. Hanifin.

Smile you're on candid Internet camera, Sell Out. Which reminds me... I will write a book about all of our allies and enemies. However I am pretty sure that I have to self-publish because my opinion is an unpopular one so no publisher will want to publish it *LOL* But an honest voice is better than a sell-out one ;) Anyway I reserve the right to take any and all claims to court.

Edited partly because of this



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