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Ken Conklin is at it again using the Akaka Bill to spread his hatred for the Hawaiian people.

This is the face of someone who is trying to hurt Hawaiian children, Ken Conklin:

Photo from the Honolulu Advertiser and from

This is what he recently wrote:

"In addition to Professor Johnson's commentary in the Washington Times of August 18, 2005 at

people may also be interested in reading more about her background, including her testimony of March 1 opposing the Akaka bill at

Professor Johnson is indeed a Living Treasure of Hawai'i. As a descendant of Kamehameha the Great, she carries the genealogy of a courageous warrior. She has been showing her courage by publicly opposing the Akaka bill for the right reasons -- the only reasons which realistically have any chance of stopping the bill. Not one Senator has stepped forward opposing the Akaka bill for the sort of reasons championed by the independence activists. Not one "liberal" leftist Senator has apparently heard anything or been influenced by anything from the likes of Keanu Sai, Henry Noa, Isaac Harp, Bumpy Kanahele, Scott Crawford, etc. So if you truly want to stop the Akaka bill, then stop putting down those who are being successful in shining the national spotlight on it.

Kumu Kawena has stepped forward in public as a defender of unity and equality, despite the scorn and abuse heaped upon her by both independence activists and the institutionalized Hawaiians who support the Akaka bill to defend their institutions like OHA, DHHL, Kamehameha Schools, Papa Ola Lokahi, Alu Like, etc. etc. I greatly admire her courage and am in awe of her mana. She exemplifies the battle cry from Kepaniwai:

Imua! Imua e na poki'i, a inu i ka wai 'awa'awa. 'A'ohe hope e ho'i mai ai.
Ken Conklin | Homepage | 09.18.05 - 2:41 pm | #"

It's obvious to me that Ken Conklin uses the Akaka Bill as a tool for hatred. Personally I am against the Akaka Bill but you don't see me using it to bash a single group of people. Also he tries to find every opportunity to bash Hawaiians and only discusses Hawaiians. Sheesh. I discuss other people and topics... not just Hawaiians unlike him. He ONLY discusses Hawaiians which shows that he targets and singles out Hawaiians. See the website discussing him at

Anyway he really insults our intelligence probably because he has a PhD but I know that people are smarter than that. He also has the audacity to use our language while spreading his hatred for Hawaiians which goes against the essence of our culture thus using our language for hatred which is also disrespectful to us. Therefore he is continuing to disrespect us and by doing so he is disrespecting our children which concerns me.

Well he is extremely critical of Hawaiians which Hawaiian children see, read, and/or hear and he has a PhD. I would think that he is aware of how his words affect other people especially children. We Hawaiians even have an olelo noeau or proverb. It says "Words can either create... or destroy." In this case he uses his words to try to destroy Hawaiian children mentally and physically. I don't know about other people but personally I try to what I can to protect ALL children... not just Hawaiian children. Anyway he is harmful to children. Hawaiian children to be exact.

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