For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Senator Daniel Akaka disgusts me.

I am really getting tired of Senator Akaka so this is a copy of the letter that I sent to him:

"Aloha e Senator Akaka,

First of all, I am oiwi and I am against the Akaka Bill. I am surprised that you as an oiwi did not ask all Hawaiians for their input. As a Hawaiian I DO NOT WANT THE AKAKA BILL. In any case I've read your recent press release. In it you stated,

"While I have always sought to protect any claims that may exist, it has never been my intent that this bill be used to create a claim against the United States. Therefore, we agreed to language which states that claims cannot be brought in a court of law but instead must be negotiated in the negotiations process in section 8 of the bill."

I definitely have a problem with that because other Americans are allowed to take their claim to a court of law while Hawaiians are not. If we Hawaiians feel as though our rights are violated it must satisfy the requirements of the Akaka Bill and we Hawaiians have to jump through hoops unlike other Americans? Other Americans do not live with this Double Standard.

In addition, I do NOT appreciate you aiding and abetting violating my civil rights as an American. It should be noted that I along with other Hawaiians have it on record that we do not want the Akaka Bill. One place is online at Obviously you do not seem to be listening to other Hawaiians. Unfortunately you seem to only be listening to yourself and not to ALL HAWAIIANS which you should be doing.

In any case, as a Hawaiian who does not want the Akaka Bill... I reserve the right to take my claim or claims to a court of law and I am not the only Hawaiian who feels this way. I also reserve the right to sue like other Americans have.

Anyway I do not want the Akaka Bill and I would appreciate it if you preface your comments and state that you do not speak for all Hawaiians... because you do not.


One of 401,062 Hawaiians"

He fucking disgusts me but I think it's inappropriate to state, "You fucking disgust me!!!" in a letter to a senator. Unless of course it's to his face. If I saw him in Washington DC... I WOULD say that to his f*cking face.

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