For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Senator Daniel Akaka, enemy of the Hawaiian people, and his Akaka Bill

Senator Daniel Akaka happens to be oiwi (that is, "Hawaiian" in Hawaiian.) Note his statement on his website:

"we agreed to language which states that claims cannot be brought in a court of law but instead must be negotiated in the negotiations process in section 8 of the bill.”

In other words... if Hawaiians feel as though their rights are violated it must satisfy the requirements of the Akaka Bill and we Hawaiians have to jump through hoops unlike other Americans. Other Americans do not live with this Double Standard.

In other words he is selling our bones and ancestors' bones and by doing so he is selling our children's future which I do not appreciate! He fucking pisses me off. He is UNCOOL.


The Akaka Bill:

Stop the Akaka Bill:

Senator Akaka's Official Website:

If possible please write to him at and tell him how fucking uncool he is.

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Tags: senator daniel akaka, stop the akaka bill

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