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For my family and friends ™

Someone from Syracuse University

Someone from Syracuse University sent this to me in response to

Name: Lindsay Bernstein

IP Address: 128.###.###.###


Lindsay Bernstein's Comments are:

Hi, I'm a law student in New York and I've been doing some research on people in San Jose, California who claim they are "Hapas" but have no ties to the Hawaiian community. Any information would be extremely helpful, and perhaps I could help from a legal standpoint. Thank you.

Sometimes I don't know if the people who contact me are genuine... or not. It's difficult to tell. After all it's all about money, power, and/or fame... isn't it. Or at least... for some people. More importantly if people would just respect other people's cultures then this would not even be an issue. Unfortunately some people are not mindful of Hawaiians. Therefore it gives us a burden of protecting ourselves, our culture, our people, and our children when the Hawaiian word "hapa" was a gift from our Hawaiian ancestors to celebrate our ancestors Hawaiian and Haole... yet some people like to open our present and keep the present that was not meant for them... for themselves.

I don't know what to tell her. How do you explain the obvious to someone? Seriously... I try not to insult people's intelligence. In any case I appreciate his/her support that I should be thanking him/her... not the other way around where s/he is thanking me. Also it shows me that s/he is mindful of Hawaiians. I wish more people were like that. You know... show some compassion for Hawaiians who are out-numbered, out-earned, and are underrepresented in the cannons of higher learning (i.e. colleges, universities, and subsequently in law schools.)

Anyway I have to update the website and reorganize parts of it, add more pictures, add some of the emails that I've received, etc. Sometimes I wonder why I spend money having it hosted, energy maintaining it, and time managing it. When I see a Hawaiian child and when I hear my middle niece, Moon Face, tell me "Thank you, Aunty"... it makes it worth while. Knowing that Hawaiian children will have that present from our kupuna instead of allowing some people to take their present away from them makes it worth my time, money, and energy. Unfortunately some people think that I do it for myself. However I do it for kids namely Hawaiian kids... not for me. Then again alot of people are selfish and only think about themselves so I can see why they think I do it for myself because they are egocentric lol In any case... this is why I do it:

Anyway back to work work.

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