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Help Keep FREE Streamlined Hawaiian Music Alive at

From which I listen to often as they play free streaming Hawaiian music online:

An open letter from Mahlon Moore, Program Director:

In late July we ended our affiliation with 99.5 FM in Honolulu -- thus ending our source of funding for The Breeze of Hawaii.

With thousands of regular listeners on the Internet, both here in Hawaii, across the Mainland and around the world, we knew that keeping the Breeze on the Internet was important and something we had to do.

The question was funding and it came down to two alternatives: sell commercial advertising as we have in the past, or become a listener-supported radio station.

The first choice, commercial, is what we have been doing for the past four years. We sell commercials to advertisers which supports our expenses each month. Pro: the commercials pay our expenses. Con: listeners have to endure the constant barrage of screaming car dealers, bond bailsmen and others in an otherwise gentle, nahenahe, selection of Hawaiian music.

The second choice, listener-supported, is how Public Radio supports itself. Some advertising is accepted, but not actual commercials, and most of it limited to the website as banner ads. The bulk of the support is from the generosity of listeners who make donations.

We have opted for the second choice, because we strongly feel that commercials are intrusive and out-of-place in a format such as ours.

We hope that our loyal listeners will share our love for Hawaii's music by donating what they can each month to keep The Breeze alive and well on the Internet.

If you can help, any amount is greatly appreciated. Our expenses aren't outrageous -- but each month we do have to pay for the streaming audio, website hosting and various performance and royalty fees for our performers. A "donate" button is located on the left side of each page which takes you to a secure PayPal location where you can make a donation via any major credit card.

Your help is greatly appreciated and mahalo for your support!


Mahlon Moore
Program Director
The Breeze of Hawaii

Seen at

To donate check out their website or go here:


I made a donation. If you can spare a dollar or five dollars... please do so. Cross-posted to abouthawaii and hawaiians.
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