For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Seattle and suburb of Seattle pics

Traffic in Downtown Seattle sucks mostly because of the Techies who invade the Eastside. Traffic, traffic... everywhere. It's beginning to look congested like LA:

Stuck in traffic I noticed a rig transporting chickens:

Nice view of the sunset minus the traffic:

I own property in this area, a suburb of Seattle, but I refuse to live there since it's too crowded nowadays which interferes with my qi/chi. Here are glimpses of the places that were home to me for over 10 years. The memories ahhh:

I miss KISW and the other radio stations in Seattle. Boohooohoo. Lotta fucked up people there though as in money hungry and I don't like to be around money hungry people. It's bad for my chi. That's partly why I don't wanna live on the property that I own in one of the suburbs of Seattle. In any case I plan to house a few indigenous students attending the University of Washington in that house so that they can get ahead and survive. In time.

Anyway I took recent pics of myself and may post them later in a doubly locked post. That is... for Friends Only.

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