For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Whoa... fan mail

Someone named Jerod Sessums sent this email to me regarding It sounds as though he is Haole and as many local people already know that there is and has always been animosity against Haole people but not all Haole people are nasty. I don't know how many times I have to say that. Also I don't like it when people bash White (or Haole) people. Then again I can understand the rage but to me it's better to be a solution or at least find one or try to find a solution to the problem instead of bashing Haole people. It's just as bad as when Haole people are racist towards non-Haole people then subsequently bashing them. In any case he wrote this to me:


I like your website. It is interesting and touches some of the more sensitive issues, to Asians anyway, those from Hawaii or that live or have lived in Hawaii. I am 100% white and have lived in Hawaii for 21 years now, I am 30 so most of my life. All but 7 of those years on the Big Island. Those other years being spent on Maui. I love it here and will never leave. I must say, although of no particular concern to me personally, I have observed these subtle, but profound hijacking of Hawaiian language, customs, and such. I love all people and have had a great life experience here in Hawaii. One reason I think it is vital to make the distinction between actual Hawaiians/ Hapa Haole and Asians/ Half Asians is because of the ignorance of many people who live or just visit here that have inferred that there are not any real Hawaiians left. Sad isn\'t it? Plenty Hawaiians are left, but so many Asians will say I am Hawaiian or Japanese/ Filipino Hawaiian and have no Hawaiian blood. To me there isn\'t anything wrong in being 100% Filipino, Japanese, or Chinese so why not just say that and be content?

I know the need to feel like you belong, but I belong here and have no Asian or Polynesian blood at all. I belong here because I respect the people, land and more importantly because I want to be here.


Big Island Sumo"

I'll say it again... there are plenty of cool Haole people. I'll have to respond to him when I return from Seattle early next week. I'll have to post my pics too when I return. It's about one a.m. and I just returned from the Washington DC area. I'll be up by five a.m. so that I can make my flight to Seattle. Will be in Seattle for a few days.

My apologies to the children for not updating that website since July 17, 2005. I'll get to it when I return.

Oh yeah... I am very tired but at least I'll be sleeping on the plane.

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