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Hawaiians and Blood Quantum

I'm surprised that this person criticizes the blood quantum of his niece and nephew. More importantly it shows his ignorance about the Hawaiian culture that we do not have blood quantum. That is... Hawaiians are not defined by fractions. Being Hawaiian is in our iwi or "bones." I wish more people would be aware of that. Including other Hawaiians. For example, when some people see me... they see blonde hair. Hawaiians have blonde hair too... not just dark hair and dark skin. All Hawaiians don't live on homestead land either because in order to live there you have to be 50% Hawaiian as defined by Haole people... NOT BY US. Anyway being Hawaiian is in the iwi or "bones." It's not in the name, the face, hair color, eye color, or skin color. It's in our bones. Anyway here is his ignorant, critical letter:


I am very glad that the appeals court came down on Kamehameha Schools. It should give Kamehameha an wakening. Kamehameha should be a Hawaiians-only school, according to the wishes of Pauahi Bishop. But is Kamehameha's acceptance policy really accepting Hawaiians?

My niece and nephew attend Kamehameha. However, I would not consider them Hawaiian since both are 1/32 Hawaiian and 31/32 Chinese. Their parents have well-paying jobs and can afford the pricier schools.

What percentage of Hawaiians does Kamehameha accept from areas like Waimanalo, Papakolea, Wai'anae, Nanakuli and any other area that has a high concentration of Hawaiians? These are the Hawaiians who would profit from Kamehameha. These are the Hawaiians that Kamehameha should be helping. These Hawaiians live on homestead land. Their parents are at least 50 percent Hawaiian. Most are at the poverty level, and given the right environment and educational opportunities, they would profit from a Kamehameha education.

These are the Hawaiians whom Princess Pauahi Bishop wanted to help. Is Kamehameha with its present policy really helping these Hawaiians?

Michael Young

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