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Thurston Twigg-Smith, another rich millionaire dude who tries to twist the truth

Here is my phone post in response to the letter below that was written by a rich white millionaire dude named Thurston Twigg-Smith, former owner of the Honolulu Advertiser. While I am anti-Akaka Bill, I don't appreciate how a rich white millionaire dude slams Hawaiians and thus their children. That is why I don't like tools like the Akaka Bill that I are used by men like him to hate and to spread their hate. I forgot to add that Twigg-Smith states, "we all deserve equal treatment under the law" yet he tries to violate the civil rights of Hawaiians and promotes violating the rights of Hawaiians. Anyway here is my phone post then the letter that Twigg-Smith wrote in today's paper below where he uses the Akaka Bill as a tool to spread his racism against Hawaiians, thus against Hawaiian children... thus against children who are important to me. Warning... it's a four minute 36 seconds diatribe and I will probably make you fall asleep *LOL*:

918K 4:36
(no transcription available)

Akaka Bill Supporters Ignore Key Questions

There's a lot of debate and rhetoric going on these days, but here are a few questions the supporters of the Akaka bill never touch. They are major issues:

  • Is this bill going to be good for all the citizens of Hawai'i — Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike? The answer has to be a resounding no. Its benefits are race-based. Divisiveness helps no one.

  • Is there really a class of people called "Hawaiians"? Not really. Percentage Hawaiians — 50 percent or whatever — have no historical origin other than having been created by federal and state statutes.

  • Is someone who carries 90 percent other than Hawaiian blood really a Hawaiian? Again, not really. Those Hawaiians who keep showing up on the welfare rolls, prison statistics and economic statistics are there by census definition, not because they are members of the Hawaiian race by any measure except by definition.

  • Are Hawaiians as bad off as they are made out to be? No way. There are 200,000 or so living on the Mainland, and they are for the most part successful. Of the 260,000 or so living here, at least 75 percent are doing quite well by any standard. Some are more successful than others, and some less — just like the rest of us.

Why go any further with a bill as ambiguous and divisive as the Akaka bill? Our government should help everyone in need, not just a race-based, definition-created class of residents. We are all citizens of the United States, and we all deserve equal treatment under the law.

Thurston Twigg-Smith

Seen at

You can read more about him and his racist ancestors here:


"In an effort to ensure the continuation of The Advertiser after his retirement, Twigg-Smith sold it in 1992 to Gannett Co., the largest newspaper chain in the United States, for $250 million."

It also shows a picture of his great grandfather, Lorrin A. Thurston who bought the paper in 1898. Hawaiians even wrote a chant about him comparing him to Satan and to a scorpion that attacks their own in vengeance. The chant is called "Pala Mai'a" or "Rotten Bananas:"

More information about him is here:

He makes himself sound as though he was poor as a child. (He was not.) Eventually he attended Yale and earned a mechanical engineering degree in 1942. However he does not have a license to use the Akaka Bill to spread his hatred and his racism against the Hawaiian people.

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