For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Phone Post: My first translation , ever! :)

I was inspired to make a phone post after listening to someone on my Friends List. It's an mp3 file. I don't know if I have an accent but I was born and raised in Hawai'i and had a very heavy pidgin English accent. I've lived in Washington, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New York, Texas, and HomeHome. Some people have told me that I sound British. (I don't.) While I am part British (English)... I do not sound British. Seriously LOL Anyway I sound dorky but in person I don't sound THAT bad lol

241K 1:13
“Hi, this is how i sound .. i sound really dorky, but for some odd reason, I just wanted to make a phone post so that some people could hear how i sound - i know a lot of people are curious, or maybe not (laughing), but i just wanted to make a phone post for the first time. And for the local people out there since a lot of people who do read my journal, i do sound haolo, as you can tell, BUT, if you were to meet me in person and you can speak pigeon english, i can really really speak pigeon, but other than that, if you can hear in the background, i have spanish music playing - typically i have hawaiian playing, but I alternate between hawaiian and spanish music ..
So, anyways, this is how i sound ..
It's raining here, and i'm leaving for D.C. in a few days, umm, i still have my hawaiian music so wherever i go, i'll be alright as long as i have my hawaiian music ...”

Transcribed by: aquaholic
Tags: my voice

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