For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Ku I Ka Pono Shirts and

My paternal grandmother gave her shirt to me. I don't know why but she gave it to me LOL Anyway show your support for Hawaiians and thus for Hawaiian children by ordering one of these and wearing it:

Photo on left from
Photo on right from hawaiinei

Contact Wayne Kaho'onei at

I'm ordering about four more to use when I am in Washington DC lol

Here is a pic that I really like from Ian Lind at

And another pic that I like from Ian Lind:

In this one it's difficult to tell if these people are Hawaiian or not since Hawaiian is in the iwi or bones but they look Haole to me which is cool as there are many cool Haole people. Oh wait... I AM part Haole too *LOL* Well here is another pic from Ian Lind:

Sorry to those on dial up!

Here is a collage that I really like as I am anti-Akaka Bill:

Photo from

Do we see this in the media? Do we see this on CNN? No. Hawai'i is one of America's Dirty Little Secrets. When they do discuss the Akaka Bill they predominantly cover one side. That is, the money-hungry, power-hungry, and fame-hungry leeches' side who want to suck the life and money out of Hawaiians and thus out of Hawai'i.

For those with dial-up... sorry! I like showing pics.

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