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Pidgin English aka Hawai'i Creole English

In today's paper someone wrote a letter explaining how Pidgin English also known as "Hawai'i Creole English" should be left out of our schools which really annoys me because plantation workers used Pidgin English to communicate with each other. It's a synthesis of different languages. How cool is that?!?!? By suggesting that it disappear implies that he wants to make the contributions of the plantation workers disappear.

I can speak fluent Pidgin English haha There is nothing wrong with other languages besides English geez and it's that attitude that English should be spoken everywhere in the states that makes Americans stand the way that we stand educationally. Also it shows how some people want the states to be homogeneous... that is all white and English which is creating problems but you cannot force people to do what you want them to do. The audacity of it all. Anyway I don't like his attitude especially since he states "correct English." That implies that Pidgin English is incorrect and it's not. Instead it's a synthesis of different languages which is pretty cool. Anyway here is the letter from a guy who looks like a rich white dude trying to dictate to the little brown people what to think, do, and/or say heh:

Pidgin should be left out of our schools

Regarding Rep. Marcus Oshiro's letter of Aug. 21, in my opinion he is pandering to his constituents instead of helping them to have a better life. What a shame. He should be active in having the local schools insist that their students speak correct English at all times in the schools. What they do at home is irrelevant. But in the marketplace of better jobs, "locals" need to be able to communicate in correct English.

Gordon "Doc" Smith
Kapaa, Kauai

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