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Rally for Hawaiians this Saturday at Iolani Palace

A rally will be held this Saturday at Iolani Palace on Oahu after the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that the Kamehameha Schools' Hawaiians-only policy is unconstitutional. Please attend! (But don't protest the protestors lol) Some people may or may not know but Kamehameha Schools is the only school for Hawaiian children which is similar to the schools that they have for native Americans. (I'm an alumna of that school.)This rally is also extremely important to me so please show up if you can.

For the record it's not a racist school. In fact I am English, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese. I MARRIED a Haole dude with blonde hair and blue eyes. I am no exception. In fact the founder of the school, Bernice Pauahi Bishop, married a Haole dude named Charles Reed Bishop. The argument that it's racist against other ethnicities really is invalid since most Hawaiians are mixed breeds/poi dogs/ etc. To quote my former Honors U.S. History teacher, Leroy Bass, who was popolo (or "black) "I love the Hawaiian people because they are so nice." It's true:

When: August 06, 2005 Saturday - 08:00 AM - 10:30AM

Event Type: Community Event

Where: 'Iolani Palace
Honolulu, HI


This rally will create a special venue for gathering all who support Kamehameha’s policy of giving preference in admissions to Native Hawaiians. It is intended as a unifying event, a time to come together as a community to express our ongoing commitment to improving the capability and well-being of Native Hawaiians. For more information, call 541-5366 or visit

For more information visit their website at

Tags: civil rights for hawaiians, iolani palace, racism against hawaiians

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