For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Na Palapalai and Links to Streaming Audio

I haven't heard good Hawaiian music in a long time. I know that they won alot of Na Hoku Hanohano Awards but I'm the type of person who is not impressed by awards. I go by the sound and if I like how they sound LOL Well lately I've been listening to this CD at home, in my car, and while I workout:

Their official website is at

I didn't have time to listen to it til now due to work and other obligations like being distracted by a hot guy LOL Well all I can say is that I am very very impressed! I know that the singer is mahu but still... damn... they're good. I highly suggest that you purchase their CD(s) if you want to hear good Hawaiian music. Not that it matters (LOL) but I am in awe of them. Damn they are good.

Also here are two links to radio stations that play Hawaiian music and have streaming audio:

Hawaiian Kine Radio:

The Breeze:

I listen to both but not at the same time heh

Apologies to angel_one for using purple font but I can't help it. Purple is my favorite color.

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