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The fate of Hawaiians

This is the queen who was forced to give up her throne. Of course some people like Ken Conklin and Thurston Twigg Smith like to romanticize it implying that it was done without violence. Well if you had men with guns surrounding you I bet you would submit too which of course is inherently wrong.

Another pet peeve of mine though small is when Haole men write about Hawaiian issues. It really annoys me. I mean... Haole people do not understand how it is to be Hawaiian so how can they possibly write about being Hawaiian? That is why I urge Hawaiians to write and/or to speak up even if I disagree with them which is often LOL I just don't like how some Hawaiians make themselves look like idiots. I know that sometimes I look like an idiot but I cannot walk on water. However when I am inaccurate and/or wrong I do try to correct myself because it's the right thing to do. However I am not saying that I am a good person because I'm not. I have done bad things in my life which only one person knows about so I'm not perfect. Anyway there are Hawaiians out there who annoy me.

For example, people like David Keanu Sai. He is one Hawaiian who threw other Hawaiians to the wolves and some Hawaiians stand behind him and thus stand behind that. That is not right.

Then there are Hawaiians who criticize non-Hawaiians for co-opting part or parts of Hawaiian cultures while co-opting part or parts of Haole culture(s.) Hello. You look like an idiot and I don't want you to look like an idiot.

Anyway here is a link to more about the Akaka Bill which in and of itself is not right yet they want to push it onto us in order to control us but I can say that as a Hawaiian I am not bound by it since I don't agree with it and am publicly posting this for the Department of Justice and the FBI to read (LOL) since they already know that Hawaiians like myself have grounds to sue even if the senate passes it without our consent. That is so annoying by the way. When senators aren't listening to us. Hawaiian or not.

I love this country if people didn't notice. I also love the Kingdom of Hawai'i which some people don't understand. Unfortunately since I am a product of both they mistakenly think that I am a pretty girl and that's all *LOL* Seriously... it's annoying because this is the best country in the world or at least I think so. We should be showing it by protecting and preserving indigenous cultures like the Hawaiian people and their culture and everything that comes with it... not just step on them to make a profit and/or step on them to enjoy Hawai'i. You know... have SOME compassion for Hawaiians.

ANYWAY here is the link:

Most of the material is written by Haole people which still annoys me. I would rather read material written by Hawaiians about the Akaka Bill since uh... the Akaka Bill is ABOUT HAWAIIANS LOL However I realize that it's a Catch-22: On one hand there are few Hawaiians in this world. On the other hand at least Hawaiians are being written about. However I don't like it when they try to rewrite our history so I hope to read material written by Hawaiians.

Where are they anyway? I only know of a few Hawaiians who write anything. I hope that more Hawaiians write as long as they don't criticize non-Hawaiians for co-opting part or parts of the Hawaiian culture while co-opting part or parts of the Haole culture(s) because it annoys me when people do that especially indigenous people. I mean... it's okay to bitch and moan about the Haole Man but if you don't like the Haole Man why are you using some of his tools? Hmm Hmmm Hmm.

ANYWAY... the fate of Hawaiians. It's not in other people like those Haole men who write about Hawaiians like Scott Crawford, Ken Conklin, etc. It's not in the U.S. government nor in the U.S. senators. Instead... it's in ourselves. The Department of Justice knows this. So do attorneys. That is partly why the Department of Justice has already concluded that there are flaws in the Akaka Bill. Unfortunately they don't/won't tell us that which is understandable because despite what some Hawaiians think... we are powerful people. That is, we have ALOT of power. We are in a HUGE chess game. A REAL one. Unfortunately many Hawaiians were/are taught that we are less than human or that we're dumb. We're not... and my ancestors tell me to tell other Hawaiians this and other things as well. Yes... their voices are in my head haha I'm joking of course.

ANYWAY we Hawaiians have a tendency to not work together. Notice how the sentence is atypical of English LOL That's how it's in Hawaiian that's why. "Aole" something. "Not" something and that's how it is in the Hawaiian language.

Which reminds me... one of my goals is to be fluent in Hawaiian so that I can write briefs in Hawaiian haha

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