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Ho'ohaole and mahaoi.

Some Hawaiians are ho'ohaole. To act "haole" is a huge insult. That is... to be MAHAOI and there are some Hawaiians who are mahaoi and no... I will not translate the word MAHAOI LOL Anyway this article in yesterday's paper was a good one as it epitomizes how some Hawaiians are torn between adapting and with preserving their culture:

"Waikiki Hawaiian Civic Club President Malia Nobrega, standing by the University of Hawaii School for Hawaiian Studies taro patch, criticizes the use of Hawaiian plants in biomedical research. Taro is considered a sacred plant by native Hawaiians."

See "Biotech brouhaha: Some native Hawaiian leaders harbor concerns about developing
the state's life science industries" at http://starbulletin.com/2005/07/24/business/index1.html

The article also shows how vocal Hawaiian women are. Unfortunately it's usually Hawaiian men who are the ones who try to knock down Hawaiian women while they are so quick to help other women *LOL* The irony is that some of these Hawaiian men have DAUGHTERS and when their daughters grow up to be Hawaiian women and are subsequently disrespected by Hawaiian men then they will know WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT LOL


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Jul. 25th, 2005 10:33 pm (UTC)
hmmm...as someone who practices herbalism, I am not completely against the isolation of plant constituents for use in medicine...some good stuff has come from it (such as taxol, from the yew tree.) However, I would prefer people just use THE WHOLE PLANT and not isolate the compounds when given a choice. I think the use of biochemistry to try to isolate particular plant compounds reduces our connection to nature and once again puts money in the hands of biotechnology. People lose their connection and sense of empowerment when they are reduced to taking western based medicine to cure their "ills."

However, I am completely against GMO foods. There was a place we would camp down in Puna district on Hawai'i where you wouldn't want to eat ANY of the fruit in the area because UH@Hilo was doing GMO research there. They have huge papaya plantations in the area.


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