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Guy Kaulukukui PhD and NAGPRA

In a recent newpaper article about Guy Kaulukukui PhD:

"a native Hawaiian educator, filed suit Tuesday in Circuit Court against William Brown, president and chief executive officer of Bishop Museum since 2001, and other unnamed defendants.

The complaint alleged that Brown failed to comply with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act or caused the board or museum staff to violate its spirit and intent on several occasions."

The complaint also alleges the defendants violated Kaulukukui's rights under Hawaii's Whistleblower Protection Act, which protects employees who report suspected violations of law. Kaulukukui is seeking relief, including reinstatement to his former position and back wages.


Here is link to his official website when he was running for a place on the Board of Education:

He has a PhD in Economics and is a 1978 graduate of the Kamehameha Schools:

I find it interesting how Kaulukukui has filed suit because Hawaiians rarely if ever sue. This also raises some questions:

1. Do indigenous people have to sue in order for people to respect their artifacts under NAGPRA? I thought that NAGPRA was designed to protect us?

2. Since the artifacts are housed and maintained in a museum does it make it moe important than let's say protecting other part or parts of an indigenous culture or cultures? For example, clothing, language, food, etc that are not necessarily placed in museums.

3. Is this the future of NAGPRA where indigenous people will be suing suspected violators?

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Well he is another Hawaiian whom I respect since he isn't allowing people to take part or parts of the Hawaiian culture like how some people are. I admire him. Why? Because it shows that he cares about children. Like this example from his website. Wren Westcoatt who is a 1986 Kamehameha Schools graduate from Molokai and he looks/looked really really Haole LOL Anyway this is what he said of Kaulukukui:

"Most people can remember a coach who really made an impact. That one coach who helped you grow as a person and develop as an athlete. A coach who made the sport come alive, and made you want to come to practice every day. A coach that consistently brought out energy, courage and talent that you didn't even know you had. Guy Kaulukukui was that kind of coach.

As my coach in high school, he turned a skinny kid from Molokai into a state champion. But he wasn't finished guiding me. Guy encouraged me to pursue teaching, and I went on to Stanford and the University of North Carolina for a master's degree in Education. Thanks to his guidance, I became a high school teacher, ran a Sylvan Learning Center, and founded what is now Hawaii's largest tutoring and college-prep organization."

Seen at

I remember the name Kaulukukui. Well I used to run on the track... and run on the track team. Kaulukukui probably knows how I look as a brunette *LOL* Seriously... he has my utmost respect since he has dedicated/is dedicating some of his time and energy to Hawaiian children. Any person who dedicates their time and energy to children period gets my respect heehee

Also I'm not sure if people know but upon graduation from the Kamehameha Schools (see the student makes a verbal vow to help other Hawaiians. Unfortunately some people misinterpret the intentions of many Kamehameha Schools graduates but I don't blame them. It's not their fault because they don't know about this vow.

Anyway it's obvious to me that Kaulukukui is keeping his vow to help other Hawaiians which can be extremely difficult to do. I admire him.

Onipa'a. Stand firm. Don't let anyone get in your way. Or... if they do.. squish them *LOL*

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