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Aku palu and crabs for Hawaiians

Tonight I found this pic that I took of the crab that I ate. As some people know... I love Hawaiian food. It's my favorite... especially aku palu. Remember it (aku palu pronounced "ah-kooh-puh-looh") looks like this:

Aku palu: Yummmmmm!

This is how the crab looks with seasoning (which is the Asian influence) (typical of Hawaiians as many Hawaiians are also Asian but not all Hawaiians are Asian nor are all Asians from Hawai'i Hawaiian):

Yum yum! I love poi too of course. Give me poi, aku palu, and ake (pronounced "ah-keh") and I'll be happy. Throw in some crab and I'm even happier. Yes... I'm THAT easy to please lol

Anyway if you want to see it close up (and I'm sure that people don't want to know how it looks close up LOL) well this is how it looks:

Note that the crab is RAW. I know that it may gross people out but it's very very yummy. More importantly it symbolizes how much Hawaiians value the water, the sea, the land, etc. It is part of who we are. It also feeds us. Enables us to live. Our culture is similar to other native American cultures in that we have respect for the land. (Of course there are some Hawaiians with the koko yet they have little to no respect for the land.) Anyway sometimes you'll notice many indigenous people speaking up. It's partly because they know that what people do to the land and to the sea will affect them. To me that's admirable when people fight to preserve the land, the sea, the indigenous people, and of course part or parts of the Hawaiian culture. Thus my continued stance on the Hawaiian word "hapa." The Hawaiian language is part of WHO WE ARE. No one will nor can change my mind about that. Period. End of story. It is not open for "negotiation" haha!

Again... yum! For me anyway hehe When I ask another Hawaiian if they eat aku palu, ake, oia, aama, weke, etc and they tell me "No" then that tells me a lot.

For those Hawaiians who read this it's obvious that I like my Hawaiian food lol Well I give credit to my family like my mother and my maternal grandmother who exposed me to these foods when I was younger. When I have kids I will expose them to these foods. Unfortunately Hawaiian food is slowly disappearing. For example, look at the supposed poi shortage? Or... how many people know how to make ake? How many people EAT ake? It has a lot to do with supply and with exposure. That is why I think it's important for organizations like the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to be more productive and proactive in supplying the food of our culture like poi, ake, aku palu, etc. So far they haven't. Probably because they are too busy eating all of the poi so to speak. It seems as though they're forgetting the Hawaiian kids again which isn't right. Anyway other Hawaiians who read my journal probably understand this (and there are many other Hawaiians who do.)

Well next week I'll be eating aku palu, poi, opihi, and ake so I'm looking forward to going to Virginia next week. My parents are at my sister's house as she just gave birth to her fifth child. I'll post my new niece's pic when I can and/or when I feel like it hehe


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 16th, 2005 05:02 am (UTC)
haha sorry... no... not polish... I just like food plus when I submit searches for "ake" or "aku palu" there are no images online lol
Jul. 16th, 2005 02:23 pm (UTC)
hhhhhhhhhhhmmm!! that crab looks delicious!!!
Jul. 17th, 2005 04:14 am (UTC)
I'm pretty content with SPAM & Rice... :-)
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