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"Hawai'i" by James Michener

Some things really matter to me... like indigenous people. However once in awhile I come across something that really makes me think. I'm not annoyed about it either but someone in the nativeamerican community mentioned the new movie called "The New World" with Colin Farrell as John Smith in it (see I'm not picking on indigenous people but this was my response:

"I checked out the link and it looks like Colin Farrell will be playing John Smith and a relative of Jewel the singer, Q'Orianka Kilcher, is playing Pocanhantas Matoaka. Of course it shows that Kilcher was born in Germany which may mean that she isn't indigenous but still... on one hand you have a movie that millions of people will see (I won't) so in a way it brings the light to native people which can be a good thing. For example look at how many movies even have indigenous people as subjects in the movie? Not very many. In fact one look at Netflix and it shows you that indigenous people are rarely if ever seen in DVDs. That is why I am glad that indigenous people are in the limelight.

However that's not to say that there are negative aspects of it because critizing is soooo easy so I'm refrain from pointing out what's wrong about that movie because I'm sure that others will point out what's wrong with the movie but what about what is right about the movie?

Do you realize how many Hawaiians would love to see us even being discussed in a movie? The last movie that even had us as the subjects was "Hawai'i" by James Michener and that was in or about 1966!

So as a Hawaiian when I read other indigenous people grumble about how they are being inaccurately portrayed all I can think of is... at least native people are the subjects.

Of course this doesn't mean that I am pro-White as it may seem that I am but sometimes we grumble more than we appreciate. In this case as an indigenous person of Hawaiian ancestry I would LOVE to have our history covered in a movie because people would be talking about us and maybe want to learn more about our history. In this case more people will talk about the story and maybe just maybe read more about it and I don't mean it in a mean way. Instead people will probably be more interested as look at Americans now. The latest news splashed across the airwaves is the story about the Alabama girl in Aruba when very little is seen about indigenous people... so I am definitely appreciative that at least indigenous people are the subjects and I dont know about others here but I am tired of not seeing nor hearing about them."

Of course if you are Hawaiian then you may be able to understand where I'm coming from because "Hawai'i" was a movie in theaters from 1966 *LOL* Seriously... that's about 40 years ago!!!!! Furthermore some people grumble that they are the subjects of a movie. I would give anything to have Hawaiians as the subject of a movie shown to MILLIONS of people because more people would talk about Hawaiians and maybe just maybe read about us.

Of course this differs from the Rock playing King Kamehameha. I will cross that bridge when I come to it *LOL* Seriously... anyone who has been reading my words for awhile knows that I had a problem with a non-Hawaiian, that is a Samoan, playing a Hawaiian warrior. (Duane Johnson is of Samoan ancestry.) However I have since read more about Samoa and it's relationship with Hawai'i. They share a common genealogy so I have learned and thus changed my stance. That is, while I would LOVE Keanu Reeves who is my favorite actor in the World to play King Kamehameha since he is Hawaiian... my second choice is the Rock so The Rock is welcome to play King Kamehameha... not that it matters what I think heehee

Anyway I notice that sometimes people whether they are indigenous... or not... seem to want you to feed their insecurities. Someone on my Friends List has that as her tag line, "I'm not here to feed your insecurities." In my case I'm not here to feed anyone's insecurities whether or not it be that you are indigenous and you want me to agree with you... I may not agree with you. Or if you are a prick because you have a small cock and I point it out that you have a small cock. I am not here to feed your insecurities.

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