For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Hawaiian Chronicles: Picture of Hawaiians. Pictures of Hawaiians.

Today's topic in indi_issues is how indigenous people look. I posted these pics of hula dancers. Notice that over the years Hawaiians have become even more covered up which I think is wrong. Therefore I urge ALL competitors at the Merrie Monarch Festival to dance in the nude and/or partially nude. The day that they do that as well as the day that they don't charge admission is the day that I will give the Merrie Monarch Festival my stamp of approval haha Anyway here are the pics so that you can see what has happened over the years:

Hula dancers in 1890:

Hula dancers in 1930:

Hula dancer in 1945:

Hula dancers today:

Of course I am only joking about being naked but it's interesting when you see this transformation in pictures. Of course there is hope. Here is a pic of my nephew, a Hawaiian, who is half naked hehe:

Tags: hula, pictures of hawaiians

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