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For my family and friends ™

Email from September 2004

I don't check all of my email accounts (as I have about 10 of them since I maintain so many websites) but today I checked one of them and found an email that I didn't respond to. It was from September 2004 LOL Oops! Anyway here it is:

"Aloha Ms. Haolegirl :)

I happened to stumble upon your website (your live journal).

Thanks for opening my eyes on the Hawaiian plight. I thought Hawaii was one of the last places in the USA where greed, deceit, and corruption have not shown up. It's sad that there are only 484,000 hawaiians in the US with about 240,000 living on the hawaiian islands. The Hawaiians have a beautiful culture which I hope never disappears. I have to correct you on your race makeup percentage though. Here are the stats(

U.S. CENSUS 2003
POPULATION 2000 2001

US Resident population, total 281,422,000 285,318,000
Black or African American alone 35,704,000 36,284,000
American Indian, Alaska Native alone 2,664,000 2,713,000
Asian alone 10,589,000
11,128,000 11,559,000
Native Hawaiian, Other Pacific Islander alone 463,000 475,000
Hispanic or Latino origin 35,306,000
37,232,000 38,761,000
White alone, non-Hispanic 195,575,000 196,311,000

US Population Percentage 2000 2001
Percent White Alone 69.50% 68.80% 68.26%
Percent Black 12.69% 12.72% 12.74%
Percent Hispanic 12.55% 13.05% 13.44%
Percent Hawaiian 0.16% 0.17% 0.17%

As you can tell, caucasions make up only 68.26% of the population as of
2002, their percentage of the entire population is slipping at .54% a year.
Hispanics are increasing at a rate of .4% a year. In approximately than 55
years, Hispanics will be the race majority of the USA.

I just thought you'd like to know.


P.S. I must say, you are Very nonohe in your picture."

I responded today... and it's already July 2005 LOL Sorry. It amused me that he corrected me which is typical. Many men feel as though they have to "correct" me LOL It's okay though... because while I try to be accurate I am not perfect. Sorry but I cannot walk on water. Can YOU? LOL

Anyway this is what I wrote:

"I just noticed this email as I hardly check my email. Anyway thanks for writing to me. I just checked the stats and it looks as though it's not 74%. I'll have to change that. Thanks for the heads up."

Worse... I used my REAL NAME in the header of that email. Ugh! LOL (I like my privacy and like to control who knows my name LOL I'm joking.) I didn't realize it til after I sent it. Anyway I no longer use that email address, because I have too many as it is LOL For websites then I have a super private one then a super super private one LOL Yes... I'm part Portuguese. Can you tell heeheee

For those who don't know:

It's common in Hawai'i for people to laugh at Portuguese and make what are known as "Portuguese jokes" because many plantation workers didn't understand English so many others made fun of them... saying that they are stupid. Nowadays in Hawai'i it's common for Portuguese to be called "Portagee" in a derogatory way.

The irony? Portuguese invented the braguinha which is known to be the source of the ukulele. (When the Ravenscrag arrived in Honolulu on the afternoon of August 23, 1879, it was carrying 419 Portuguese immigrants from the island of Madeira to work in the sugar cane fields. In celebration of their arrival, Joao Fernandes supposedly borrowed his friend's braguinha, jumped off the ship, and started playing folks songs from his native land on the wharf.)

Also keep in mind that many Hawaiians are part Portuguese too... like me. Also my Portuguese ancestors came from the Madeira Islands heeheee So I'm not offended when some people make fun of me being Portuguese including myself because Portuguese invented the ukulele hah!

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