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Typical mentality of a newcomer to Hawai'i

This mentality of a newcomer to Hawai'i amuses me. He has only been living on O'ahu for three years yet he feels as though he is entitled to tell people on O'ahu what to do. Amazing LOL For the record... Hanauma Bay is more polluted than it has ever been. One would know this if they had lived on O'ahu for over 20 years


In the interest of "'ohana" and "aloha," I am rephrasing my response and writing slowly. I have only lived here on O'ahu for three years, but am a regular visitor to Hanauma Bay, and as I did wherever I lived, I quickly found out the peak hours and avoided them, unless a friend was visiting and was under a time constraint. Even then, the wait made the experience all the better when we did finally hit the water.

As a former "non-terrorist-seeking" security guard at the bay for almost one year, my job was to assist the much under-appreciated park attendants, mostly with parking and video issues. Ten minutes that might save your life and definitely enhance your visit was generally too bothersome for most "kama'aina," who all were experienced watermen, and tourists who flew here all the way from "America."

Much like avoiding downtown during rush hour and the mall during Christmas season, I made use of the various Web sites, guide books and, particularly, the park staff to enhance my visits and knowledge.

While some people would never dream of subjecting themselves to a 30-to-60-minute wait for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, they will wait for hours at other tourist attractions and restaurants without question.

Sure there are lines and days of poor visibility, but the purpose is to enjoy the beautiful nature preserve and what it holds. If you do not have the time to wait, maybe you do not have the time to enjoy what it holds.

Without fail, after coming back onshore, generally with some debris I found floating along, I also bring my experiences, which are always slightly different and exciting. My friend makes fun of the names I cannot pronounce, the fishes, turtles, rays, etc., but wishes he had the time to join me. I am invariably asked, "How was it?" Rain or shine, high tide or low, it's always fantastic.

Perhaps a little more consideration to Hanauma Bay itself, its staff and volunteers would help with the lines and come up with some solutions instead of the regular op-eds all complaining. How about being thankful for something so wonderful?

Michael Lyons | Honolulu

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