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Hawai'i is unique

It's things like this that make me laugh because everyone (or practically everyone) wants a piece of her. They want to be associated with her in some way... even to the point of destroying her. They want to take, take, take... and suck the life out of her... which makes me laugh because many people are hypocritical like the writer of this letter. If demand wasn't so high then the supply wouldn't have to go beyond Hawai'i but nooooo people who move to Hawai'i want to squeeze as much as they can out of her without realizing that they are destroying her. Worse... instead of looking at themselves as the PROBLEM or as part of the problem... they look elsewhere which makes me laugh:

Hawaii can learn from sister city Hainan

I am sure your readers appreciated the feedback from our governor in her "Far East Journal" during her travels in China. As to the objective of developing more business contacts, perhaps some time should have been spent on the island of Hainan, Honolulu's sister city.

Hainan is the "Hawaii of China." It is tropical and has the same geographic latitude as our own. It has beautiful sandy beaches in the south and is heavily dependent on tourism. Many streets are lined with palms, and "made in China" aloha shirts can be seen on the streets and on hotel workers.

But one cannot ignore the differences. Some of these are the use of local natural resources. The packaging and processing of local foods is something that Hawaii can learn from. This includes all the tropical fruit that we ignore in Hawaii, such as pineapple, durian, rabutan, papaya, jackfruit, and the list goes on.

Coconut deserves special mention since it is practically ignored here but highly developed in Hainan. The shells are used as raw material for carving, and the dehydrated coconut milk is nicely packaged for easy transportation. In Hawaii we still import coconut milk from Asia.

Their tourism industry can perhaps learn something from us. It is a market that isn't fully developed. Tourists from population centers in China are no more than two hours away, unlike Hawaii where major markets are more than five hours away. The fact that the China market is four times that of the United States should deserve some attention from Hawaii.

Paul Rufo
Kamuela, Hawaii

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