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Potential scandal involving Clayton Hee

Then I read this letter in today's paper. Very interesting!

Politics played role in network hookup

"Thank you to Sean Hao and The Honolulu Advertiser for the excellent investigative reporting on Al Hee's Sandwich Isles Communications Inc., which has installed the country's most expensive rural telecommunications network, exceeding the closest competitor by approximately $13,100 per line.

This would be outrageous if it were strictly business, but let's be honest, this is politics.

In 1994, when Hee's company was approved for the nonbid contract to provide exclusive service to Hawaiian Home Lands, his brother, Clayton Hee, was chairman of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs; the Hawaiian Homes Commission chairwoman was Hoaliku Drake, mother of former Bishop Estate trustee Henry Peters, who, as a friend of Clayton Hee's, had hired Clayton to be "cultural affairs researcher" for the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, a subsidiary of Bishop Estate/ Kamehameha Schools; former democratic state Sen. Mike Crozier, friend of Al and Clayton Hee, "fairly" evaluated and recommended Al Hee's noncompetitive proposal to Hawaiian Home Lands.

If Hawaiian Home Lands had been given the option of Sandwich Isles Communications' proposal of $13,642 per line or Hughes Network Systems' Directway offering installation and equipment for $599 per line and $60 per month service plan, surely they would have selected Hughes and spent the extra $13,100 on 18 years' worth of free monthly service to the Hawaiian community.

This is poor business and rotten politics.

Barbara Krasniewski

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