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For my family and friends ™

More pictures of Hawai'i

Picture Time:

I took these pictures with my $200 Sony Mavica which is a crappy camera but I didn't want to use my $500 Canon Powershot because I didn't want an Ice Head to steal it like how an Ice Head stole my deceased grandmother's "Hawaiian" bracelet that was mine! My husband kept asking me why I brought my crappy digital camera and not my superty duper digital camera and he just laughed at me when I told him that I didn't want an Ice Head to steal it?!?!?! (He loves me though because the Palm Reader said so! I'm joking... but he makes me laugh.) Which reminds me... if and when you visit Hawai'i do not leave ANY valuables in your car if and when you go the beach or to Ala Moana Shopping Center etc. They will steal just about ANYTHING. ANYWAY these pics are crappy but you can see how Hawai'i kinda looks heeheee:


One of many ugly concrete buildings that is scarring the beauty of Hawai'i:

O'ahu Community Correctional Center... the major jail in Hawai'i where many Hawaiians reside:

Waikiki Beach:

As you can see... Waikiki isn't that great:

Not saying which beach this is or else it will end up like Waikiki... that is... polluted :O

I took my mother along even though my husband wanted me all to myself. I can't just leave her out... so I invited her to join us and we bought some plate lunches from Rainbow's Drive Inn in Kapahulu. She and I shared one while my husband was a piggly wiggly heehee Then he and I went in the water while my mother watched us. Then he and I took a nap on the beach while she took one while lying under the palm trees. I'll never forget that day.

Latest Toy:

I am shopping around for a compact DVD video camera. I already have a Canon GL-1 digital camera which I bought for about $2,000 but I would like a compact DVD video camera for my more perverse tastes haha

Here is the Sony DCR-DVD7 DVD Handycam Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom:

I need something with great "zoom" features LOL Anyway if you would like to suggest one OR if you own one... then please leave some advice because there are so many available. Thanks!

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