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Pictures of Poi and Crab

Someone in the indigenousam community asked me what poi is. The best way that I can describe it in English is that it's mashed taro that is mashed to a pudding-like consistency. I grew up eating it so it's yummy to me though I eat Haole foods too... poi is my favorite. That and ake. In fact if there is a choice between a plate lunch or fish and poi I will ALWAYS choose the fish and poi and I am a very Haolefied Hawaiian yet I like my Hawaiian food. Anyway here is a pic of poi in the top of this pic (with ake and aku palu on the bottom):

If you ever go to Hawai'i specifically O'ahu... try it out at Haili's Hawaiian Foods in the Fish Market across from Ward Warehouse OR go to Ono Hawaiian Foods in Kapahulu. OR Jackie's in the Waimalu Shopping Center. However I call it "Ono Kine Grindz" because they have a sign with those words on their window *LOL* (There are other places too but they do not get my stamp of approval haha)

Here is a pic of crabs that I eat though I saved this for my sister who is hapai so I didn't get to eat this crab. I just took a pic of it til I realized I should save some of my Hawaiian food for my sister heehee Anyway you can hardly see it since my cell phone camera is crappy but it's one of my favorite Hawaiian foods as well. You can't really tell but the crabs are cut in half:

Anyway some Hawaiians do not eat this kind of food plus wana, limu kohu, etc. most probably because they weren't exposed to it. However I DO and when I have kids... they WILL eat these foods too *LOL*

More importantly these foods are not as processed as plate lunches and McDonald's yet some people are trying to phase out Hawaiian foods from the food supply in Hawai'i. Thus I will continue to bitch and moan to and about the Office of Hawaiian Affairs until they do something about it and fucking produce more poi and other Hawaiian foods since Hawaiian foods are part of our culture. If they do not then I will sue them VERY soon *LOL* (inside joke) (That's for other Hawaiians reading this because they know what I'm talking about heehee)

More pics later.

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