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Here are some pics that I took with my cell phone camera which broke while I was playing with it at Gold's Gym grr so you have to squint to see the objects in these pics *LOL* Don't be misled by "Hawaiian plate lunches." They are NOT Hawaiian food. Instead they are fattening, clogging of the arteries food which they like to promote as "Hawaiian" so that Hawaiians get fat, fat, fat then die from complications from diabetes and/or heart disease. Anyway I don't like plate lunches because of the rice and macaroni salad but I will eat one in moderation or at least share it with someone else but my favorite food is ake, aku palu, and poi which I bought from Haili's Hawaiian Foods. I also ate at Ono Hawaiian Foods in Kapahulu but I didn't take pics there because I was too busy eating Hawaiian food *LOL* Anyway here are some pics:

This is what they served me in First Class: A mai tai with an umbrella. On the way back I had a hot fudge sundae for dessert which made me stop crying *LOL*:

Pic of Haili's Hawaiian Foods in the Fish Market. They serve Hawaiian food though it's not the best Hawaiian food. It will do for me LOL Bob's used to be better but he retired:

My FAVORITE Hawaiian food other than poi, ake. It's seasoned cow intestinal lining. Yum! When I ordered it a dark Hawaiian guy behind the counter stared at me because I have blonde hair but I no care. I like ake. He ended up watching me eat my Hawaiian food outside:

This is aku palu which is seasoned fish guts and scrapings haha:

I'll post pics of poi, crab, poke, and limu kohu when I have time.

Other than that... I am surprised at how very tanned I am. I think it's the most tanned that I have ever been LOL Actually my father and my younger brother are very dark. When I stand next to them people don't think that I am my father's daughter *LOL* I had a great time. So did my husband. My father was surprised that my husband ate poi when we ate at Ono Hawaiian Food in Kapahulu but I serve poi to my husband when I order it from Hanalei Poi Company so my husband is used to it. And he's haole haole with blonde hair and blue eyes :O

Which reminds me... when my mother met me at the airport... she didn't recognize me. She thought I was a haole girl haha I kept thinking, "How can you not recognize your own daughter????" *LOL*

Then when I picked up my rental car at Hertz this local girl handed me a map of O'ahu and I told her, "I NO NEED DA MAP." Fuck. I know I look Haole but don't ASSume that I'm not Hawaiian *LOL* Some people fucking annoyed me but I spoke pidgin just to shock them because I have blondish hair and I look Haole but I'm Hawaiian (too.) Hello!

Also... I bought a new Prada bag. It's pink with black trim. I really wanted a green or purple one but they didn't come in green or purple *LOL* It makes me laugh because I along with my sister and brothers spent alot of time in Keaukaha which is a Hawaiian equivalent of a reservation. I love it in Keaukaha so every time my grand aunt needs help fighting the FAA and the EPA I give info to her so that she can use it for ammunition *LOL*

Overall... it was a great vacation. Now I have to get back to work. I forgot that my father works for me as I own a business in Hawai'i only because I barged my way to take it over from my father. It made me laugh when I was brutally honest with my father while apologizing to my mother intermittently because I am still their child yet I tell them what to do business-wise LOL What makes me laugh even more is that I told my mother that I may have to fire my father soon haha They make me laugh.

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