For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Yippity Skippity: 15 minutes for three dollars

I arrived in Hawai'i safely after a wonderful time riding in First Class. I think I will do it every time I come home to Hawai'i so that I'm not as grouchy heeeheeee Every time I come home I get so grouchy but that may have been because I sat in Coach Class and the people in the plane with me got me really grouchy. Sitting in First Class has helped me though it is probably because I was treated like a princess hehehe

I had a chance to sit next to a Project Manager on my first leg of my trip. He was pretty cool and kept talking to me?!?!? He was kinda hot and of course he was haole. I sat next to a popolo (i.e. "black") lady who worked for the Navy on my second leg then on the third and final leg I sat next to a pilot who kept talking to me. He was older and haole of course. My type! Just joking.

During the flight it was as though I was an alcoholic *LOL* I ordered two glasses of wine total and one Mike's Hard Lemonade. Not all at the same time of course. But damn... I actually wanted a Corona (which means I am craving sex *LOL*) but they didn't offer it so I had two glasses of wine and one Mike's Hard Lemonade. It was good.

When I finally arrived at the HNL Internation Airport my mother didn't recognize me *LOL* I kept calling for her and she looked at me then looked away from me as though she didn't recognize her own daughter. WTH?!?!? LOL We talked about it later when I took her to the Starbucks on Paiea Avenue. I treated her to a Caramel Frappucino while I had a chai tea latte which I normally don't drink.

Then we picked up my husband. We're going to the pool today to tan then I'm gonna take him to Rainbow's Drive Inn in Kapahulu while I'm gonna go to the Fish Market near Ward Warehouse to order Hawaiian food LOL He makes fun of me but that's okay.

So far so good. Oh yeah and I caught a goodlooking local boy staring at me and he winked at me. It happened while I was talking to my mother infront of Jamba Juice. I told her, "Mom he just winked at me." LOL Anyway I'm off because my husband is right next to me *LOL*

I love this Business Center because it's only $3 for 15 minutes. I didn't have to bring my laptop so of course I'm happy.

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