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Ken Conklin wrote another letter in today's paper. It should be public knowledge that he propositioned me knowing that I am married. That is why I respect him even less. First of all he disrespects Hawaiians. Secondly he targets Hawaiians which is a hate crime. Thirdly he criticizes people for ad hominem attacks yet he does it to others. Lastly he asked me to be a Friend With Benefits. He grosses me out and I lost all respect for him. Wouldn't you? Of course you won't read about this in the Honolulu Advertiser. They censor me as it is *LOL* But seriously. Ken Conklin propositioned me. I state this on my Hawaiian ancestors' bones so you know that I am serious.

ANYWAY he only targets Hawaiians and when he does... he is targeting Hawaiian children which is UNCOOL. I'm grossed out just thinking about him. Anyway here is his latest letter:

Where was separation at Akaka bill 'rally'?

Nancie Caraway (Letters, May 25) attacks Duke Aiona and Christian evangelicals for using religious views to shape their public expression of political opinion. She accuses them of violating separation of church and state, trying to establish a "theocracy."

Where was Nancie when her husband, Rep. Neil Abercrombie, participated in a church service in our Legislature?

On March 31, our Legislature held a hearing (actually, a propaganda rally) on the Akaka bill, where Sen. Dan Inouye, Abercrombie and Rep. Ed Case gave testimony and answered questions. At the beginning, Rep. Ezra Kanoho told everyone to stand up. Then he led the congregation in singing the Hawaiian-language Christian hymn "Doxology." Kanoho continued with a lengthy prayer in English explicitly calling upon Father, Son and Holy Spirit to bring everyone together in supporting the Akaka bill.

We often hear demands for government to bow down to ancient Hawaiian religion on issues like military training on "sacred land" at Makua, telescopes on sacred Mauna Kea, and banning genetic engineering of sacred taro. See http://tinyurl.com /2n4hy for a discussion of how Hawaiian religion is used to assert political claims to racial supremacy. See http://tinyurl.com /b5bef for an explanation of how a creation legend (Kumulipo) provides a metaphysical theory supporting our existing institutional racism.

Ken Conklin

Seen at http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/current/op/letters

Note: Photo courtesy of the Honolulu Advertiser.


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Jun. 3rd, 2005 06:20 pm (UTC)
It should be public knowledge that he propositioned me knowing that I am married.

p.s.: i do that all the time on your journal, sadly to no avail. :p
Jun. 3rd, 2005 06:24 pm (UTC)
No but his approach was all wrong hahaha Instead of saying, "I like you for your mind" he kept telling me that he likes me for my body. Not good LOL Thanks for making me laugh though because I was sad for a bit hehe
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