For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

On some Hawaiian men... again

I wrote this post on May 31st about how some Hawaiian men disrespect Hawaiian women while respecting Filipino women and other women more than they respect us Hawaiian women:

I am curious if the person who responded under another screen name from Hawai'i is Filipino. I bet she is. And don't get me wrong but I don't dislike Filipino women as my brother's wife is Filipino/Puerto Rican/Japanese and she's one of coolest people in my life. She's actually cooler to me than my brother *LOL* (Her ex-husband was so mean to her too and he was Japanese. Oh and he left her then had the audacity to have her and their three kids move out so it's not just Hawaiian men who disrespect women.) However I DO DISLIKE how some Hawaiian men treat Hawaiian women. That is... like dirt and in some cases... worse than dirt!

I know that some people have a problem with my opinions but I can tell you this... nothing has changed. Many Hawaiian men whom I know treat non-Hawaiian women better than they treat Hawaiian women. You know how I know? From personal experience.

And it really pisses me off when these Hawaiian men treat Filipino women and other types of women better than Hawaiian women. I am not talking about anyone on my Friends List. No. I am referring to the Hawaiian men whom I know. I wish I could slap them in their face. REALLY hard.

It still pisses me off. I wish I could slap the face of every Hawaiian men who does this. They disgust me and I do not care what other people say nor will they be able to change my opinion.

That is IN MY EXPERIENCE and the Hawaiian men WHOM I KNOW disrespect Hawaiian women. Look at how many Hawaiian men marry Filipino women. (I'm not referring to people on my Friends List AT ALL.)

I could go on and name some names but I wouldn't wanna piss off even more people do I? LOL

I need to listen to my cop friend and calm down because an artery may burst :O
but I am not bitter nor angry. I am married and I'm going to have a baby and it pisses me off that some Hawaiian men disrespect Hawaiian women while respecting Filipino women, Haole women, etc. What is up what that anyway?

ANYWAY I have to ignore these people because they are bad for my health and if I do not an artery is going to burst very soon. I can feel it. That is why I write about it instead because anger leads to pain and pain leads to suffering. Thus I releave some of my anger in my posts in MY journal which of course ends up pissing off some people but I am brutal and honest and I'm not going to change just because some Assholes are Asshole Pricks. I just write about Asshole Pricks then they feel guilty. They should feel guilty.

Then again I'm good at that. Not listening to anyone. Doing what I want to do. Hey... I'm not perfect nor have I said that I was but I will be a good mother. I hope so and if I have a baby boy I will teach him to be a man. That is, a Hawaiian man who respects Hawaiian women not just Filipino women or Haole women but Hawaiian women too. And again... I am not referring to those Hawaiian women who abandon their children for one minute, one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, or ten years. I have NO respect for child abandoners but I digress.

/ Rant

Tags: intra-national hawaiian relations

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