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For my family and friends ™

Don Gerbig of Lahaina, Maui and others like him

Some people who think that they know me mistakenly think that I am paranoid (LOL) Actually I am a realist and some people are trying to kill us (Hawaiians) off hoping that we will leave Hawai'i. Of course about 200,000 are left in the islands while the other 200,000 or so fled and I don't blame them. In this letter to the editor of a local paper a man wrote a letter describing how okay it is for taro to be genetically engineered. We all know how mankind touches things then can fuck things up. In this case he is talking about one of our staples (i.e. taro.) It is one of many things that define who we are as Hawaiians. Here is an illustration of taro or "kalo:"


Here is a picture of a taro patch or lo'i ai:


Taro is part of our roots and it IS roots. It also HAS roots. I don't know about other Hawaiians but I don't want FAKE roots as in genetically-engineered roots.

Similarly, the procreation of Hawaiians depend on its men AND its women. That is why I stress the importance for Hawaiian men to treat Hawaiian women with respect because BOTH Hawaiian men AND Hawaiian women produce Hawaiian children NOT just Hawaiian men. I also stress the importance of protecting Hawaiian CHILDREN because one day they will procreate and have Hawaiian KIDS so don't be so egocentric LOL

Anyway his letter is troublesome and reveals underlying motives. That is, yes... they are trying to kill us despite some people who think that I am paranoid LOL Seriously... the U.S. seized Hawai'i because they wanted Pearl Harbor. They did so at all costs. They are capable of seizing our food too to get rid of us. For example, look at the poi "shortage." Where are the limu? Where is the ake? Where is the aku palu LOL Seriously. Here is the letter:

It's better to save taro with genetic engineering

"The recent article on activists seeking a ban on genetic modification of taro was very interesting, yet disheartening — especially so for the commercial taro growers within our state.

Hopefully, Sen. Clayton Hee can bring these parties together. Genetic engineering is a safe scientific option for controlling the many plant diseases reducing taro yields and offers a solution to these problems without the use of pesticides.

Wetland taro production is limited to areas adjacent to streams or other continuous water sources. These areas are becoming fewer and thus limiting future expansion of taro production. Anything that can be done, including genetic engineering breeding for resistance to taro diseases, should be seriously considered. Increasing taro yields, by whatever means, should be a primary goal of all concerned.

Taro has many pest and disease problems, such as the apple snail, pink rot and pocket rot, to name a few, plus various fungus diseases that attack the leaves. There are very few EPA-approved pest-control materials available to taro growers compared to other crops.

This means that the taro farmer is extremely vulnerable to pests and diseases that reduce his yields or production. Crop pest problems do not decrease with time; they usually become more potent. An example of this is the current taro pocket rot disease that was not a problem more than 10 years ago.

Genetic engineering offers the possibility of breeding a variety of taro resistant to one, or perhaps all, of these pests or diseases, before a more potent strain develops, which could wipe out the entire taro industry. This could happen, and it almost did happen to the papaya industry.

It would be a shame to ban such scientific research when it can offer so much to the prolonged existence of the taro industry in Hawai'i."

Don Gerbig
Lahaina, Maui

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