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More about the Akaka Bill

I'm totally against the Akaka Bill since it's the Haole Way for Hawaiians to be recognized and it should be up to us Hawaiians to decide our destiny... not congressmen *LOL* Anyway while I disagree with this writer with his support of the bill... I agree with his last sentence which I have posted in bold and it's true... there must be a more equitable Hawai'i where Hawaiians are not treated as less than human and/or as second-class citizens in Hawai'i. And I'm not referring to the Hawaiians who look Haole. They We have it easy. Instead I am referring to those Hawaiians who are darker and who are treated worse than dirt simply because they are feared because they look different (i.e. not like a Haole with light hair and/or light eyes and/or light skin ---> LOL) Anyway here is the letter:

Akaka bill best way to address all issues

There should not be more local hearings regarding the Akaka bill (Senate Bill 147). Further hearings would be fruitless, I believe, because if residents didn't go before, they will probably not in the future. Elected government officials are paid to lead us and sometimes must make tough decisions that indecisive residents cannot figure out.

From the commentaries of May 1 and the April 10 printout of the Akaka bill, I believe that I, a non-Native Hawaiian resident, know enough to support the bill's advancement in Congress. Clearly, I see that the status quo is unacceptable for the indigenous people of Hawai'i. The structured negotiation process led by the Native Hawaiian governing entity proposed by the bill will be able to address issues affecting all residents of Hawai'i resulting from the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom.

I can see that the bill cannot — and therefore does not — propose a predetermined outcome regarding Native Hawaiian issues (requirements regarding jurisdiction and membership criteria, for example) but rather proposes the establishment of a tangible governing process that can.

It appears to me that the Akaka bill is the means to the establishment of a new, more equitable Hawai'i.

Stuart N. Taba

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