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Star of the Sea School in Kahala

I attended this school, Star of the Sea School, which is a Catholic school in Kahala. I hated it. The students were Christians yet they looked down on poor kids such as myself. Then again I was on the honor roll so it wasn't that bad. Attending that school altered my perception of Christianity and how many Christians are hypocrits so while I was baptized as Protestant in a church in Ka'u on the Big Island... I refuse to treat people like dirt and many of the people and their children at Star of the Sea School treated poor people like dirt. That is why I sway more towards Buddhism. Christianity is just not for me. That is... I don't like to preach something then be hypocritical about it but my mother, some family members, and close friends are Christians. They can believe what they want to believe... and so can I.

After Star of the Sea I was accepted to Kamehameha (Schools.) Even then I hated it but some good came out of it. At least I know that I'm Hawaiian *LOL* Seriously... Kamehameha focuses on teaching Hawaiian kids to be proud of who they are which is a good thing. Of course many people say that the kids at Kamehameha are Haolefied Hawaiians. Before they say that they should look at their damned selves. Look at themselves watching Haole TV. Look at themselves listening to Haole CDs. Look at them driving Haole Cars. Don't be such hypocrits. Anyway I hated it because I was very poor so of course my focus was on survival and not on reading. Reading was the LAST of my concerns so of course it was difficult but at least Kamehameha Schools educated me then paid for some of my college tuition so while I hated it in some ways some good came out of it. Anyway here is a picture of students at Star of the Sea:

Fourth- and fifth-grade students at Star of the Sea Elementary School who had done research on a specific state or country showed off their projects yesterday at a special event. The event included games, displays and a food tasting in which students in grades 1 through 7 were invited to try different foods associated with a given state or country. The children shown here were reaching for an ice cream cone at the Missouri food booth. Coordinator Betlynda Young said the event not only helps the students be more familiar with the food of the area, but also helps with unity and understanding of different places.

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