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On the Uneducated and Ignorant in Hawai'i: James Kuroiwa of Kahaluu, Maui

In today's paper a writer wrote about how the Akaka Bill is a land grab. It made me laugh. Hawaiians are trying to get their land back. I find that amusing because there is NOTHING wrong with that. If someone steals land I expect the owners to fight to keep the land but since we are talking about HAWAIIANS then it becomes a bad thing to fight back. Once again this implies that Hawaiians are less than human. Well I have news for the dumb fucks who think this... Hawaiians are people too. Therefore they will fucking fight back.

Secondly it's no secret that the Department of Hawaiian Home Land was/is being fucked over without Vaseline. The sole beneficiaries of the Hawaiian Home Land is you guessed it... H-A-W-A-I-I-A-N-S. Hilo Hospital sits on Hawaiian Home Land which is owned by HAWAIIANS. WalMart in Hilo sits on Hawaiian Home Land which is owned by HAWAIIANS. The Hilo Airport sits on Hawaiian Home Land which is owned by HAWAIIANS. Yet the state and other entities just take it away and/or use it without our permission. Fuck that! People like this letter writer better step back or else Hawaiians will get brutal. Remember Ka'u. Therefore Hawaiians will fight for their land and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Once you lose your land you lose your roots. OBVIOUSLY. Anyway here is the letter:

Akaka bill is just a land grab

A pivotal year in Hawai'i's history turned out to be 1996. Issues of major consequences faced the people of Hawai'i such as a vote at the constitutional convention, same-sex marriage, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs lawsuit against the state of Hawai'i for control of ceded lands, and dealing with an extended slumping state economy.

We failed to get the votes to hold a constitutional convention. We did win a constitutional amendment stating that marriage is between a man and a woman, and stopped the increase of the general excise tax.

We faced a strong campaign by OHA against our efforts to have the people of Hawai'i vote in supporting a constitutional convention. I recall that OHA committed some $350,000 for advertising against the constitutional convention.

Today, Hawai'i has been selected to base one of America's future fighting machines, the Stryker. The Stryker Brigade brings some $750 million in construction to Hawai'i and an estimated $75 million a year in payroll and other related military spending.

Hawai'i may secure the approval of home-porting a carrier group at Pearl Harbor with the air wing spread out on different islands. The carrier group would bring over five years some $300 million a year in construction and some $375 million a year in payroll and other related military spending in Hawai'i.

But, OHA through the Akaka bill made its intentions public in 1996 that could reverse everything Hawai'i has developed today.

At the time, OHA Chairman Clayton Hee, awaiting the pending court decision of OHA's lawsuit against the state of Hawai'i for revenues from the ceded lands, knew it was going to be a long, drawn-out legal battle. (Note: Hawai'i's ceded lands belong to all the residents of Hawai'i and not just to the Native Hawaiians.)

Mr. Hee initiated negotiations with the state of Hawai'i to reach a settlement in lieu of waiting for the outcome by the courts. OHA, after a few years of negotiations, rejected the offer by the state in a 5-3 vote on April 27, 1999. Mr. Hee was partly correct in supporting the negotiated settlement because the state Supreme Court ruled against OHA in September 2001.

What was on the table? All the nonmilitary ceded lands that included all nine golf courses on military bases where the ownership would transfer to OHA. Also on the table was ownership of Bellows AFB and Fort DeRussy.

OHA negotiated the share of revenues from Hilo Hospital, the Hawai'i Housing Authority, the Housing Finance & Development Corp. (reorganized as the Housing and Community Development Corp. of Hawai'i), and from the duty-free shops because the airports are partly on ceded lands.

In addition, OHA wanted revenues and land title from Sand Island, Volcanoes National Park and the Wailua Golf Course on Kaua'i, all located and developed on ceded lands.

I am certain that if the Akaka bill becomes a reality, the items identified from 1996 will be on the table for negotiations by the new Native Hawaiian entity.

James Kuroiwa

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