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Caught Version 2.0: JAILBIRDS Cathy Avilla and Harold Cabbab, Jr.

JAILBIRDS Cathy Avilla and Harold Cabbab, Jr.

Yes... send her ass to jail. Hawaiian or not... send her stupid ass to jail. Like Ice goes directly to brain cells... Ice Dealers should go directly to JAIL cells. See if she will smile with a big grin there. I have a Zero Tolerance when it comes to Ice. I don't care about other drugs because they don't go directly to brain cells. I'm totally against Ice because Crystal Meth or "Ice" has been linked to increased incidence of HIV / AIDS as many people on it have unprotected sex as it totally takes away the need for personal safety. This results in many babies being born with Ice in their system. I do NOT care what people tell me and NO ONE can change my mind!!!

Anyway innocent until proven guilty but they must have had PROBABLE CAUSE to arrest her. Of course the newspaper SOMETIMES renders some people guilty in the court of public opinion. However the police must have probable cause to arrest her stupid ass. My personal opinion is that all Ice Dealers in Hawai'i should be sent to jail... where they belong. SMILE! Hope her stupid ass has fun in jail:

Police arrested four adults in a raid early yesterday in a unit at Mayor Wright Housing in Palama where neighbors had long complained of drug dealing.

4 arrested in Kalihi drug raid: Police say one resident dealt "ice" while her grandchildren slept

By Rod Antone

Kalihi police raided an apartment in Mayor Wright Homes early yesterday and arrested a 45-year-old grandmother who was allegedly dealing drugs while her five grandchildren were sleeping.

Police broke down the door to Unit 31-K just after 6:15 a.m. and arrested Cathy Avilla and three other adults in the apartment for investigation of third-degree promotion of dangerous drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police said they seized dozens of packets of crystal methamphetamine, cash and electronic equipment suspected to have been bought with drug money.

Avilla is the mother-in-law of 43-year-old Daniel Vesper III, who awaits trial for allegedly running over an undercover police officer with a stolen van in the Honolulu Community College parking lot on Dec. 3, just down the street from the housing area.

Officers on the scene said the bust was not a big one, but important because of the number of complaints from neighbors.

"This is maintenance. ... We have to keep up," said Sgt. John Kawenaole.

He pointed to the dozens of kids watching the police operation before heading off to school. "Look at all these children here," he said. "These people (drug dealers) are doing this anywhere they can."

Neighbors said they had noticed drug activity for six to seven months and had made numerous complaints to police and Mayor Wright security.

"It's about time," said resident Nalo Cabuyaban. "Gotta get the rotten apple out. People like this gotta be stopped."

Paula, a neighbor of Avilla's who did not want her last name used, said drug trafficking out of the apartment was obvious.

"In and out, in and out, all the time," she said. "All night making noise while us people are trying to sleep so we can go to work.

"They've been causing problems here."

Police said they used a confidential informant to buy drugs from Avilla several times during the last month and a half. Kawenaole said Avilla does not rent the apartment, but lives there with her daughter, who was also arrested, and her grandchildren, ages 1 through 11.

Officials with the Palama Settlement Family Service Center, which has an office two floors below the unit, said they would try to contact other family members to care for the five children.

In the meantime they were being cared for by the state's Child Protective Services.

"It's sad. ... This isn't a bad family ... but they have made some bad choices," said Lynne Akana, program director for the service center. "Everybody loves their children."

As Avilla was being led out of the apartment, she was asked why she had been arrested. She said, "Nothing, I don't know."

Police said that when officers broke into the apartment, Avilla was trying to flush drugs down the toilet but that the drugs were recovered.

Seen at

This is Harold Cabbab, Jr., a 1988 Kamehameha Schools graduate... and a cop. Hawaiian or not (I'm a Kamehameha Schools graduate too... I'm Hawaiian too...) soooo Hawaiian or not... fellow Kamehameha Schools graduate or not... cop or not... deal Ice and go to fucking jail. Smile!!! He's in jail where he fucking belongs:

Seen at

Another picture of him:

He's the third one from the left.

Seen at

He subsequently pled GUILTY:


And he probably brought shame to his wife, former UH Wahine volleyball player Jenny Wilton, the daughter of UH men's volleyball coach Mike Wilton, and their two young children. How selfish of him to violate the law then be indicted by a grand jury:

Imagine having a felon as a parent.
How shame.
I would be shame.
How shame to be a convicted felon.
I have NO pity for him nor for people like him.
He chose to violate the law.
Therefore he chose to risk going to jail.
He and others like him brought it upon themselves.
He even pled guilty.
So he brought it upon himself.
And he was a COP for TEN YEARS. Cops enforce the law of the land.
Thus he knew the consequences of his actions.
So he should suffer the consequences.
Ice and greed are uncool but I guess he will learn that in jail.
He will have a long time to think about it.
Hope he has fun in jail where he will be imprisoned mentally and physically.
He and others like him who aid and abet the distribution and/or promotion of Ice deserve it.
Have fun in jail... with each other.
That is, LOCKED UP.

By the way I'm related to retired Honolulu Police Chief Francis Keala: He's my maternal grandmother's cousin so don't bitch to me that I hate cops because 1) I'm related by blood to a retired police chief and 2) one of my best friends is a cop. More importantly... not all cops are "dirty." There are some who are "clean." It's Dirty Cops like Harold Cabbab, Jr. that ruin it for the "Clean" Cops who work hard and/or who abide by the laws that they enforce.

In addition I'm related by blood to retired federal judge Paul DeSilva and to retired judge Boyd Mossman of the Second Circuit Court in Hawai'i and now an OHA trustee from Maui and I STILL NO CARE LOL If you are dirty then you are dirty but I know plenny people who are right on. I'll try to post more about them but right now it's kinda difficult to do because they are rare *LOL*


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