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Percy Pomaikai Kipapa

I hate reading stories about Hawaiians who take Ice and/or are affected by Ice. People have no idea how much it hurts me when I read or hear about it. (It's a stabbing feeling where it makes me bleed.) Anyway I just noticed in this article that Hawai'i's Deputy Medical Examiner Gayle Suzuki was quoted as saying that Percy Kipapa tested positive for crystal methamphetamine or "ice." I think that Kipapa was Hawaiian:

Picture of Percy Kipapa

Story about his death:

His obituary was printed here:

"PERCY POMAIKAI KIPAPA, also known as Sumotori Daiki, 31, of Waikane, died May 16, 2005. Born in Kailua. Retired sumo wrestler. Survived by parents, Priscilla and George Jr.; brother, Kurt; sisters, Selisa Cockett; grandmother, Rosaline. Visitation 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at Hawaiian Memorial Park Mortuary; service 1 p.m. Cremation to follow. Casual attire."

A witness allegedly came forward and a medical examiner allegedly states that he tested positive for ice here:

Not much makes me sad and really bums out but this is one of them: You have two Hawaiians. One of them tested positive for Ice. The other probably was on Ice too. When is it going to fucking end and some people say that Ice isn't that bad. Yes it IS bad. It is the worse drug EVER because it goes directly to your brain cells versus other drugs which go to your blood stream so of course this really upsets me. It really makes me sad and I don't know how some Hawaiians can take Ice knowing that Hawaiians are killing each other partly because of it. While I don't advocate the use nor misuse of drugs... I'm okay with other drugs as anything in moderation is okay but when you are dealing with Ice you are dealing with d-methamphetamine hydrochloride or HCI and it's fucking UNCOOL and it's fucking killing people especially Hawaiians.

Of course I'm very biased when it comes to Hawaiians since I see myself as Hawaiian. Though most people don't understand me... being Hawaiian defines WHO I AM even if I am a Hawaiian Blonde so when I read or hear about Hawaiians on Ice then it fucking fucking hurts me.

It crushes me. People have NO idea... but who am I to say? People don't give a fuck what I think nor did they ask for my opinion. Still... it really bums me out though I'm happy about other things as this year has been my best year ever. A part of me is still really bummed out.

I should NOT have read the article.

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