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No... people need to educate themselves, Pradeepta Chowdhury, M.D.

In today's paper a doctor wrote a letter to the editor mentioning how Hawaiians needs a better spokesman. I don't know about other Hawaiians... but Senator Clayton Hee DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME. I speak for myself and to state otherwise (i.e. to imply that Hee speaks for me) will get a stick up your ass.

Secondly, he questions Hee's looks as Hee looks Asian. Being Hawaiian is not in the looks. Hawaiians come in all shapes and sizes. You have Hawaiians with blonde hair and brown eyes, brown hair and hazel green eyes, and brown hair and brown eyes. You have some who look Haole. Some who look Asian. Some who look popolo (that's "black" to those who don't know.) Being Hawaiian has nothing to do with looks. It's all in the iwi (or bones.)

Then he talks about money. I don't know about other Hawaiians but money isn't everything. Secondly I don't want hand-outs. I work for every fucking thing that I have. Anyway... how fucking annoying. This doctor needs to fucking educate himself. Don't be so fucking lazy.

I'll have to write in response to his letter but I doubt they will print "don't be so fucking lazy" *LOL*

We need to be like the Seminoles of Florida. We need to teach people "Don't fuck with us." I know that people outside the Seminole "tribe" know not to fuck with the Seminoles. We need to work towards that too.

Anyway here is his letter:

Hawaiians need better spokesmen

Sen. Clayton Hee's May 15 letter to the editor made me grimace. When I (a non-Hawaiian) moved to the islands seven years ago, Hee was engaged in well-publicized, disgusting internecine machinations to gain control of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Now he seems to be doing the same in the Senate.

I wondered then (as I wonder now) what Hee's heritage truly is. With a Chinese last name and Chinese features, does he really claim to be Hawaiian? There are few pure-blooded Hawaiians left, and I doubt Hee speaks for them. Unfortunately, the Hawaiians and their various organizations -- Hawaiian Home Lands, OHA and Kamehameha Schools -- have done a poor job of educating non-Hawaiians like me about the real issues that concern them. All I see is posturing and little substance. Perhaps if I had a better understanding of the real issues, I could be more sympathetic.

Meanwhile, it all seems to be about power, politics, money and entitlements. I note that the good Democrat and Hawaiian, Mr. Hee, chose to educate his son at Punahou and not at a public school or Kamehameha!

Pradeepta Chowdhury, M.D.
Hilo, Hawaii

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