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Na Haole in Hawai'i

In this letter the writer who seems Haole mentions Senator Clayton Hee defining who is Hawaiian. That is what sovereignty is about: Determining our destiny and defining who the fuck we are! Of course this person is Haole and Haole People are usually the ones along with Asians who comprise the majority of the population in the states to tell us what to do and/or to define who we are. It's not going to happen! That is, it is up to US to say who is Hawaiian. Not non-Hawaiians. When will they finally comprehend that?!?!?!

Of course he is asking a simple question and I am on a rampage *LOL* But seriously... the only way that someone can tell if someone is Hawaiian or not is by looking at the iwi (or bones.) Fred Hemmings is as Haole as Haole can be. He does not share the bones that my Hawaiian ancestors have and all Hawaiians are related to other Hawaiians in some way via Wakea and Papa, the progenitors of the Hawaiian people. Many people fail to understand thi including but not limited to Haole People. Hemmings just has a tendency to target Hawaiians and gasp... he's HAOLE.

If you are Haole you treated a little better than if you were Hawaiian. Worse... if you are a light-skinned Hawaiian or if you look Haole then you are treated better. I don't care what people tell me! White Privilege is a wonderful thing... or at least can be but that doesn't mean that you treat people like shit and there are many Hawaiians who are dark who are treated worse than dirt. I know this because my father is very dark and he's treated worse than me. He's not the only example. I know many people who share my experiences and some of my opinions.

Of course that's not to say that Hawaiians are not racist against each other because some of us are. For example, if you are a light-skinned Hawaiian and/or are part Haole then you are treated better. I know this from experience. They look at you as though you are prettier and/or better looking because you are Hawaiian AND Haole which is UNCOOL. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. LIFE is beautiful. Then again there are alot of superficial people who base their opinion of people based on their looks which is only natural since we have eyes for a reason but I still don't like it how some Hawaiians look at Hawaiians who are Hawaiian AND Haole as prettier and/or good-looking even though I fall into that category. It's UNCOOL!

Anyway... that is why I am sick and tired of writing in to tell people to stop targeting Hawaiians which is a HATE CRIME which is a federal crime. I will still write in to bitch at them! It's worse that I write here too because my blog is picked up when doing searches via Google especially. Fuckers! They piss me off :P

What qualifies Hee to say who's Hawaiian?

Regarding Sen. Clayton Hee's racist dismissal of Fred Hemmings' qualifications as a Hawaiian (Letters, May 15) -- what special power does Hee possess that allows him to determine the true heritage of an individual? Is Hee's version of a Hawaiian the one true version?

Through the course of daily events, how does Hee know when he is working with a certified Hawaiian, or an ordinary person?

Perhaps Hee could enlighten all of us with more of his wisdom by writing back to the editor detailing his unique powers of divisiveness.

Mark Cook
Keaau, Hawaii

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Tags: letters to the editor, racism against hawaiians

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